ncisla cast 290 POLL: Which CBS show should get the coveted Super Bowl lead in?CBS is broadcasting the Super Bowl this year and the big question right now is: Which program should air directly afterward?

The post-Super Bowl spot can mean big ratings. Last year’s episode of “The Office” doubled its previous high for viewers. “Grey’s Anatomy,” Survivor: Australia” and “Friends” have amassed 37.9, 45.4 and 54.9 million viewers, respectively, in that slot. What will CBS tap for Super Bowl XLIV?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are four shows in the running for the spot after the Super Bowl. Generally, the criteria for said spot is that the show is popular and skews young and the four choices have been narrowed down to:

1. “NCIS: Los Angeles”
The original “NCIS” is doing just fine on its own. “NCIS: LA” is also doing well, but perhaps not as well as CBS would like. The original generally has doubled the number of viewers of the closest competition in its timeslot; “LA” barely edges out “Dancing with the Stars.” Giving it an explosion-filled episode in the post-Super Bowl spot could really ramp up its viewership, particularly since the Super Bowl crowd probably doesn’t overlap much with the “DWTS” crowd.

2. “The Mentalist”

This is another well-viewed show for CBS and there’s a lot of pressure on it to do well in the post-“CSI” Thursday slot. However, it’s not flashy enough for post-Super Bowl. If CBS is going to go procedural/crime, “NCIS: LA” is a much better bet.

3. “The Big Bang Theory”

We still don’t quite understand the “Two and a Half Men” phenomena; it’s not that funny. Yet its lead-in is giving “Big Bang” huge numbers this year. Comedies tend to do well in the post-SB spot, so maybe it’s time to let “The Big Bang Theory” shine.

sugar coach POLL: Which CBS show should get the coveted Super Bowl lead in?4. “Survivor”
There are rumors that the 20th season of “Survivor” is another all-star turn, this time billed as “Heroes vs Villains.” Reportedly it will feature such past players as Johnny Fairplay, Benjamin “Coach” Wade, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper and Stephenie LaGrossa.  The past few seasons of “Survivor” haven’t been what they once were, but another all-star edition would probably do very well in the post-Super Bowl spot.

Our Take
If CBS wants to go action-packed drama, “NCIS: LA” is the one to go with. If CBS wants to go comedy, we’d prefer they showcase not-as-highly-rated-but-light-years-funnier “How I Met Your Mother.” However, if the 20th season (seriously, can you believe it’s been 20 seasons?!?!) of “Survivor” really IS Heroes vs Villains, that HAS to be the call. We think “Survivor” would see ratings it hasn’t seen in a long time.

Which should do you think CBS should go with in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot? Vote below!

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