pope benedict xvi joins twitter  pontifex gi Pope Benedict XVI joins Twitter: Who should he follow?

Sermons are so last-century. The religious leaders of today need a way to get their message to the masses around the world at the speed of DSL — how else can they expect to keep up with the latest Justin Bieber news?

This may be why Pope Benedict XVI has joined Twitter.

Yes, you are no longer limited to following the highest voice of the Catholic Church in masses and in your heart. Instead, you can follow him at @Pontifex. That’s much easier, isn’t it?

Although it’s nice to see the Church moving forward with the times, it seems that Pope Benedict hasn’t quite found his social-media footing yet. The account is live and features a lovely composite photo of the Bishop of Rome and the Vatican. But there are no tweets. Word from the Vatican is that the Pope will commence his tweeting before the end of the year.

Like many celebrities, Pope Benedict XVI will not just be hunched over an iPad, tweeting about whatever comes to mind. Instead, social media experts within the Catholic Church are expected to post 140-character snippets of their leader’s sermons and statements. The Pope will sign off on everything sent out under his name.

If you want the Pope to follow you back, however, prepare for disappointment. Thus far, His Holiness only follows 7 other accounts, all of which are his own accounts, translated into various languages (a quick glance indicates that these languages are Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, German and Arabic).

That isn’t a lot of followers. Here are a few other Twitter accounts that Pope Benedict might want to consider:

Posted by:Laurel Brown