fred armisen portlandia s3 'Portlandia': The time Fred Armisen tried to photobomb 'Grimm'Portland, Ore., has become a small but growing hub for TV show production in recent years. In addition to its namesake show “Portlandia,” NBC’s “Grimm” and TNT’s “Leverage” also shoot (or shot, in the now-canceled “Leverage’s” case) there.

Some of “Portlandia’s” crew also works on “Grimm,” and “Portlandia” star Fred Armisen was almost an extra on the supernatural drama. Almost. He explained his photobomb attempt Friday (Jan. 4) at the Television Critics Association press tour:

“We did happen to shoot something right down the street from where [‘Grimm’] was shooting. We did this thing where I’m playing one of those pedicab guys. … I had this mustache and this moppy hair. And they were shooting a scene where there was like some conversation — you know when people walk down the street and it looks like a real TV show and they’re wearing suits and stuff — so I thought, this is my opportunity. I want so badly to be an extra on their show. [laughter]

“I really did. Because I like when that happens, if you look really close. So I went and I got my bike, my pedicab, and I just waited for them to say ‘action.’ I actually made my way onto the set — it was like a long street. I was so happy. I was gonna just walk through really nonchalantly. So I waited and I waited and I waited, and then they wouldn’t shoot. This poor guy had to come up to me and say, ‘Yeah, they really want you off the set.’ So that was it. We were close. … I wanted to it to be a situation where people just sort of appeared by mistake in each other’s [shows].”

“Fred was like, ‘We should do a sketch that could be on “Portlandia” and on “Grimm” or “Leverage,”‘ “Portlandia” co-creator Jonathan Krisel adds. “I was like, ‘What scene would that be?'”

Alas, we may never know. Season 3 of “Portlandia” premieres at 10 p.m. ET Friday on IFC.

Posted by:Rick Porter