winter in portlandia season 3 carrie brownstein fred armisen interview ifc 'Portlandia' winter special: Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein preview what's coming

However many crazy things “Portlandia” has shown about its Oregon town, one thing has been missing — winter. That dreary, rainy season that keeps most people from moving to the Pacific Northwest is finally getting the proper attention on Friday, Dec. 14 with “Winter in Portlandia.”

The show’s creators, writers and stars — Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein — shared a few secrets about the special that airs in advance of the “Portlandia” Season 3 premiere in January.

While both Brownstein and Armisen confirmed that the new season would focus on longer storylines and character arcs than in previous seasons, the winter special will be a standalone. “With it airing in December, we wanted it to be distinct from the rest of the season,” Brownstein explained.

What was the motivation for doing a winter episode of “Portlandia” in the first place? The main goal was to show an important season in the city that hadn’t been explored. “We never really show Portland as the rainy city that I sometimes see, with clouds overhead and the dreariness,” Carrie Brownstein continued. “So we did deliberately write for that episode and come up with ways of having the characters kind of deal with the darkness and the kind of dreariness as winter.”

Is “Winter in Portlandia” about nothing but rain and grey skies? Brownstein and Armisen did confirm that there would be at least a little bit of holiday cheer. “There’s some holiday stuff in there as well,” Brownstein said. But it won’t be so traditional. Fred Armisen didn’t think there were even references to classic holiday movies “unless Jon, our director, he might have done something. But I can’t remember.”

“Winter in Portlandia” airs on Friday, Dec. 14 at 10:30pm, and the new season will begin on Jan. 4 at 10pm.

Posted by:Laurel Brown