Jett Travolta‘s death certificate stated the official cause of his death was “seizure.”

Glen Campbell, the assistant director of the Bahamian funeral home handling the remains of John Travolta‘s son, told the Associated Press that the body was in "great condition" with no sign of head trauma.

This despite police officials’ and an EMT worker’s earlier remarks that the teen hit his head on a bathtub and that he had a hematoma and a small amount of blood was found near the body.

Authorities didn’t release the results of an autopsy performed Monday (that’s up to the family to do) but Campbell saw the body and the death certificate, which was based on its findings.

"The only cause of death that was listed was ‘seizure,’" he said.

Late Monday, things got bizzare. A black hearse drove from the funeral home to the airport after the family said they were bringing Jett’s remains to Ocala, Fla., for the funeral.

Two white jets waited on the tarmac as Bahamian police in dress uniforms blocked access to area.

But it was all an elaborate ruse.

Funeral home director Keith McSweeney told reporters later that Jett’s remains were actually being cremated at that time.

He said the family was planning to leave the Bahamas with their son’s ashes on Tuesday. He could not explain the reason for the police decoy and the two white jets.

Nor can I. Can you?

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Photo credits: Rogers and Cowan; Associated Press

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead