Elvis Presley’s grandchild, Riley Keough, the 19-year-old daughter of  Lisa Marie Presley, is  – how can we put this – incredibly hot.

Check out that main mane.Why isn’t she doing hair commercials already?

Riley was out last night at an Art of Elysium fundraiser in New York, walking the red carpet with adorable once-a-hobbit/always-a-hobbit Elijah Wood, who certainly looks thrilled about it.

Unfortunately, since 2006 she’s been dating former teen star Ryan Cabrera, who used to date Ashlee Simpson.

Elijah and Riley aren’t an item. Darn it. But let’s hope that Ryan’s absence means Riley has set her sights a little higher.

You’re gorgeous, rich, a successful model and, as the King’s grandchild, you’re officially rock ‘n’ roll royalty. You can have anyone!

Let’s help her out. Who do you think would be a good match for Riley? Post your perfect date suggestions for Elvis’ granddaughter!

Photo: Riley Keough and Elijah Wood stroll the carpet at a Milk Gallery/Art of Elysium event in NY.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead