Naomi Campbell believes in tough love. She may believe in tough everything, if we’re being honest. That said, not everybody is a fan of tough love. Sandra — one of the contestants on “The Face” — definitely falls into that category.

That’s probably why Naomi was able to drive the modeling hopeful away, as seen in this video previewing episode 5 of the competition series.

The video clip, showing some of the action coming up on Tuesday night’s episode, focuses on Sandra losing her temper and Naomi having no interest in it. What are some of the highlights?

  • How important is thick skin in a model? Based on the type-A personalities that seem to populate the fashion world, this may indeed be the most important character trait for an aspiring model.
  • Naomi does have a point about not being able to express open displeasure in front of a client.
  • I’d be mad too, if everyone laughed at me. It might not be a good idea to throw a tantrum about it though. That’s where Sandra is getting into trouble on this.
  • With this behavior, will the other contestants want Sandra to stick around?

Is Sandra gone for good? Will she come back? Will Naomi let Sandra return if the girl wants to keep trying? Who is to blame in this confrontation — Naomi or Sandra? We will find out when “The Face” airs on Tuesday, March 12 at 9pm on Oxygen.

Posted by:Laurel Brown