Tonight’s cuppa: A big glass of post-workout water and fond memories of the excellent Douwe Egberts coffee I had at a restaurant earlier.

After a lot of pomp, circumstance, ceremony, cheering, tearing and fireworks, nothing really that shocking happened at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

No, that was left until this morning, whenPalinsmall
presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain, on the occasion of his 72nd birthday, named the governor of Alaska, 44-year-old mooseburger-loving mother of five Sarah Palin — who has been compared, looks-wise, to both Canadian journalist Ashleigh Banfield and "30 Rock" star Tina Fey — as his running mate (on, BTW, the occasion of her 20th wedding anniversary).

Not to brag — OK, just to brag a little — I was not among the many people (some of them political pundits) going "Sarah Who?" this morning. Several months ago, I was sitting in the dealership, waiting for an oil change on my car to be completed, when I noticed Palin giving a speech on the TV in the waiting room. I had missed her name and only saw that she was "Governor of Alaska."

"THAT’s the governor of Alaska?" I thought to myself. "She’s awfully young — and she’s a she." So being a curious sort, when I got home, I Googled her. Let this be a lesson to all pundits to pay closer attention to random sightings of politicos. You never know where they’ll wind up.

So, in honor of this mixed-doubles team in the presidential race, let’s get live-bloggy with the two-hour season premiere of another yin-and-yang pairing, FBI Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and scientist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) of FOX’s scientific procedural — jees, that makes it sound way less fun than it is — "Bones," airing Sept. 3.

WARNING: If you’re super-mega-clever or just a very good guesser, this could
possibly be considered spoiler-ish. So, if you fancy yourself either of
the above, run, do not walk, in the opposite direction.

We’re at Oxford University in England, where squints are wonks (I thought it would be boffins — any Brits out there with an opinion?) and Bones wears funny robes.

Booth snoozes. Bones owns up to the dangers of pure logic (cannibalism, serial killing, etc….)

Shock and awe-style!

Boobies, bobbies, let’s call the whole thing off.

Bones, run away from the young British genius with the mildly intriguing looks! If you like him, he’s either evil or will die!

I like "cowboy" too, BTW.

Hey, it’s the girl from "Rome" who pitched herself off the balcony! And her name is Cate, pronounced "Kate." Trying to be funny there, Hart?

Oh, wait, it’s evil Zack in the credits! Why are you here, evil Zack? It’s just not logical. Or, it’s just old credits because this is a rough cut.

Incredibly hot dude at the Jeffersonian — is it? Is it? Wow, it IS.

Frampton. Heh. "Baby, I love your way…"

Ring my beeeelllll, ring my bell…

You moved to England to get away from violence? Have you never seen "Touching Evil," "Wire in the Blood," "Cracker" or "Doctor Who"? If it’s not rapists, serial killers and terrorists, it’s Cybermen and Daleks. Come home!

Oh, and don’t let Booth drive.

Oooh, Cate likes Booth.

Wow, that’s more than I learned about Henry VIII’s codpiece from "The Tudors."

Booth discovers Assam black tea, "the upper-class version of a cuppa joe." Hah!

Sneaky peeky…

I get it — this incredibly hot dude is like Jo from "Twister," but will it turn out the same?


It’s Rumpole of the ‘Bones’!

Happiness is a warm (James Bond) gun.

Really, don’t let Booth drive. I did better with right-hand drive, and I don’t have FBI training. Parked better, too.

Von Hipple whaaa???

Why does every Brit in this episode talk like they’re in a revival of "Brideshead Revisited"? Every cop I see on British TV sounds more like Jamie Oliver than Laurence Olivier.

When the Universe speaks, Tut on a bike appears?

She wrote it on her deathbed? Looks like paper to me.

In the great Book Signing in the Sky, Agatha Christie is sticking hot pokers in her eyes.

Look behind you, Booth!

If Sweets and Bones had a child, it would have a wind-up key in its back.

Booth, I want that one for my collection. I’ll put him between Chuck Woolery and Pete the dog from "Keen Eddie." No, not THIS Pete the dog.

Cam, you hussy!

… on to a new mystery … and a cuppa decaf Irish breakfast tea…

Damn, I’m good.

Don’t tell Sweets! And the answer to your question is … no. But, wait, maybe I’m wrong … no.

Booth is looking kinda auburn in this episode, especially in the sun. Hmmm…

Product placement alert!

Yep, saw then on the Charles River in Boston.

Oh, Cam, Cam, Cam.

TJ Thyne, you are my technobabble hero.

And that’s where Henley shirts got their name.

Ooooh, Cate’s being a bit of a smart arse.

Bones, just say you thought he was the bee’s knees.

Shrinky — heh heh heh.

Yes, Cam. That’s what I said.

Thanks for watching another episode of Stock Image Theater.

I once had a high concentration on my patella, but they have pills for that now.

Hey, that looks like Morse’s pub!

Oh, right, like you sound Welsh. I’ve talked to Ioan Gruffud, you know.

Oh, no, they’re both Jami Gertz from "Twister"! Criminies, you guys, just get over it.

Oooh, somebody’s moved on.

Girl, you’re a moron. Incredibly hot guy, you’re a jerk. Cam, you’re an idiot. Sweets, you’re way too pleased with yourself.

They’re having a hot cuppa! (by the tall pot, I think it’s coffee)


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