pottermore great hall Pottermore opens to the public; Evanna Lynch says, 'It's a really amazing website'For all you Harry Potter fans who did not get in on the Beta testing period, Pottermore is now open to the public. We’ve been on the site and we definitely think there are some very cool aspects to it, particularly getting your wand and being sorted.

We also recently spoke with “Harry Potter’s” own Luna Lovegood, Evanna Lynch, who is on Pottermore too. And she tells Zap2it she thinks it will be a real treat for fans.

“I get excited about anything J.K. Rowling does,” says Lynch. “I hope there’s interest in [Pottermore] because J.K. Rowling has so much information in there. I love the way it’s a journey and you have to find it, the same way she did her books and when she was revealing book titles and all that.”

Lynch also agrees that the sorting and the wand selection are really great parts of the experience, though her sorting did cause her to have a bit of an identity crisis.

evanna lynch pottermore Pottermore opens to the public; Evanna Lynch says, 'It's a really amazing website'“I used to think I was Gryffindor, when I was just reading the books, then I got cast as Luna and over the years I accepted the fact that I was Ravenclaw,” says Lynch. “And I was OK with that, so then the site sorts me into Gryffindor! I was confused about life and everything, my values [laughs].”

As for her wand, Evanna couldn’t remember the length or pliability off the top of her head, but she did reveal to us that it is cherry and phoenix feather. She also reminded us of how great McGonagall’s backstory is, which is one of the highlights of the plethora of extra information Rowling provides through the site about the books.

“McGonagall’s backstory … you just would have no idea. It’s J.K. Rowling’s imagination, it’s so amazing,” says Lynch. “I find rereading the books now, it just makes me think more. It’s a really amazing website.”

So, if you haven’t already, go check it out, Potter fans. Go Gryffindor!

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