reaper gallery 325 Pre 'Rookie Blue' Missy Peregrym showcased in 'Reaper' reruns

Missy Peregrym is part of a popular Andy-and-Sam on-screen couple now, but before that, she was part of … an Andi-and-Sam.
Now in Season 4 as police officer Andy McNally on ABC’s “Rookie Blue,” the actress previously played Andi Prendergast — love object of co-worker Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison), who was caught in a literal deal with the devil — on “Reaper,” The CW horror-comedy series whose two seasons start weekly repeats Tuesday (June 4) on FearNet.
Peregrym had just finished her stint as Candice Wilmer on NBC’s “Heroes” when she was enlisted to play Andi. Nikki Reed (“Twilight”) originally had been cast in the part, but Peregrym made it her own, frequently displaying the sort of tomboyish spunk that her current Andy also has become known for.
Given the strange things that often went on around her, thanks to a very stylish Satan (Ray Wise) who delighted in making Sam’s life truly a living hell, it would take having an open mind and a solid backbone for Andi to hang in with Sam as a good friend and later as (slight spoiler alert) his girlfriend. And also as his work boss for a time, which surely didn’t make the sea of love any less choppy for them.

missy peregrym ben bass 2 rookie blue 325 Pre 'Rookie Blue' Missy Peregrym showcased in 'Reaper' reruns

All 31 episodes of “Reaper” will run on FearNet. After the show was canceled in the spring of 2009, it didn’t take long at all for Peregrym to move onto her next Andy. Also featuring Ben Bass as a detective and Andy’s former (for now, at least) beau Sam Swarek, “Rookie Blue” went into production that July, which has become that show’s traditional pattern; the stories that air each summer are filmed in the Toronto area from late summer through fall of the previous year.
Preceding Tuesday’s FearNet showing of the “Reaper” pilot is an enjoyable half-hour “Reaper Reunion” special. Though Peregrym doesn’t participate (she’s still seen in clips), Harrison, Wise, co-stars Tyler Labine, Rick Gonzalez, Christine Willes and Ken Marino, and creator-exec producers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas share amusing anecdotes about making the series — many revolving around the makeup and special effects, which had to be effective despite a limited budget.
If “Reaper” was going to have a renaissance, FearNet arguably is the most appropriate place it could happen. And, thanks to one performer, the channel could well inherit new viewers who just happen to be fans of a certain cop show.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin