preachers daughters olivia perry taylor coleman kolby koloff 'Preachers' Daughters' on Lifetime: What do you think of the controversial new show?On Tuesday, Lifetime premiered its new reality series, “Preachers’ Daughters,” a reality series that follows three young women dealing with teen motherhood, drug issues, and sex before marriage, among other controversial topics. The girls’ situations are complicated further by the fact that their fathers are preachers and pastors, and thus they believe they’re held to a higher standard of behavior.

Some feel that the show’s look inside the everyday struggles of preachers’ families exploits Christianity and gives people the wrong idea about Christian leaders.

One Million Moms, a group famous for calling for a boycott of retailer J.C. Penney for featuring Ellen DeGeneres in ads, opposes the show. “This program is not only offensive to pastors, their daughters and
families all across the country, but to all Christians … to publicize
someone’s struggles for a buck and belittle pastors’ daughters in the
process is despicable.”

The series premiere explored several controversial storylines. One 18-year-old, Olivia Perry, questioned the paternity of her 11-month-old daughter. Nikita Koloff, a former WWE wrestler who is now an evangelist preacher, decides to allow his daughter Kolby Koloff to date — but his wife decides she needs to sit through a sex seminar first. Ken Coleman, a pentecostal pastor, expressed concerns that his young daughter Taylor Coleman would grow up to become a porn star.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie