TNT has set a premiere date for “Mob City,” an upcoming drama created by Frank Darabont (“The Walking Dead”). This event series will premiere on Dec. 4, 2013.

The show focuses on an epic battle that arises between a Los Angeles police chief and a mobster in 1947. Detective Joe Teague (Jon Bernthal) is an ex-marine who has just been assigned to a mob task force headed by Detective Hal Morrison (Jeffrey DeMunn). They’re part of a larger effort by Police Chief William Parker (Neal McDonough) that is supposed to remove mob-related criminals from LA. The cops will, however, have trouble getting rid of mobsters like Ben “Bugsy” Siegel (Ed Burns) and Mickey Cohen (Jeremy Luke). Chief Parker has to be ruthless with the criminals — and also with anyone on the police force who might be corrupt.

Other actors involved in the project include Gregory Itzin, Robert Knepper, Milo Ventimiglia and Alexa Davalos. Darabont wrote and directed the pilot episode and will serve as the executive producer for the series. Previously, the project was known as “Lost Angels” and “L.A. Noir.”

Despite a rather dark tone to the preview video above, this is not going to be a show in which everything is black and white. The characters instead are “grey hats” who fall somewhere between good and evil.

Posted by:Laurel Brown