this evening.

As explained to us, the producers found five teenage couples that really wanted kids, set each couple up in a house, gave them jobs, and handed infants to them. As it’s not my child, it’s an awesome idea.

The five couples the series will be following are Kelsey & Sean (in their intro Kelsey said they’re ready to have kids, Sean disagreed), Kelly & Austin (they seemed more unified on it being a good idea), Morgan & Daton (they were going to break up until they realized they could do an experiment and be on TV), Sasha & Jordan (they also seem pretty organized), and Alicea & Cory (Alicea figures that it’s better to have kids when you’re younger so you can relate more).

Let’s of course dispense with the idea that what we saw was in any way realistic. The teens weren’t given the usual 9 months to adjust to the notion of having children, and in fact only had two days by themselves before the babies showed up. For accuracy’s sake, the girls did have to wear a pregnancy belly thing for a full day. And, thank goodness for small favors, they did have to attend a baby care class.

Kelly was instantly displeased. She hated the belly, Austin didn’t ask her how she felt about it, he laughed at her having to wear it, and consequently she didn’t want to attend the class. If we needed any proof, Kelly, who was more interested in looking good going out of the house than looking pregnant (which she could have easily assumed to be a part of the whole show), shouldn’t have a child at this point in time, she’s simply not ready. Austin headed to the hospital without her, and I applaud him for that.

Eventually, despite not believing he was wrong, Austin apologized to Kelly for his attending the class and chuckling when he saw the fake belly. Austin is clearly very close to being ready for marriage, he recognizes the ultimate rule of marriage — say "I’m sorry." It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or right, just say "I’m sorry" and suck it up.

After assembling some baby furniture and having a swell cook out, the next morning, and the babies, arrived. The real parents all sat down with the teens, handed them a binder, and talked to them about, essentially, not killing their child. The babies all needed to be fed, changed, put to bed, and maybe even bathed every once in a while.

Frankly, I think having a binder to tell the teens what to do is cheating. Surely the teens could have figured out all that stuff and no baby really needs Gerber brand water and only Gerber brand water anyway.

It was at that point that the show reiterated that the parents were monitoring the goings-on from a house across the street and that they could intervene at any time. It was also stated that there would be a nanny in each house watching the couples and making sure that all the children lived. The nannies couldn’t intervene save for the child’s being in dire need, but they were there.

Okay, that made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. It’s cheating, but it made me feel better.

After a few minutes of bonding bliss among the couples, it all started to come apart again. The men went out to the grocery store, leaving the girls at home. For their part, the girls seemed either bored (if the baby was sleeping) or upset (if the baby wasn’t). I get the upset, but I don’t get the bored bit. Was there no TV? Was there no phone? Who are these kids that they can’t get lost in some mindless television show or talking to the BFF back home for 30 or 40 minutes?

One of the not sleeping kids was Karson and it didn’t take long for Karson’s mom to head across the street to explain to Alicea that Karson needed to eat at some point during that day. Mommy, inexplicably, felt as though her child needed nutrition and tried to persuade Alicea that children, even if they balked, ought to have some sort of sustenance. After mom left, Alicea seemed almost ready to quit the entire experiment. She was upset that Karson’s mom would dare come over and tell her that maybe she wasn’t doing things right.

Alicea should take solace from the fact that she wasn’t the only teen to get a visit from mom and/or dad. Daton and Morgan saw little Miley’s dad and Kelsey and Sean saw Etta’s mom. None of the children were really in danger, and parenting skills were discussed, but only Daton really seemed to take the suggestions to heart.

At the end of the day, and episode, tears abounded, both on the teens’ and babies’ sides.

Bits, pieces, odds, ends, and a question:

  • Maybe Karson’s mom jumped in too soon, but Alicea clearly isn’t ready to be taking care of a baby. When told that one of the parents would have to go to work the next day, Alicea jumped at the chance, she wanted nothing to do with Karson anymore.
  • Despite Sean’s never having cared for kids before he got along really well with Etta during the day (not so much at night), much to Kelsey’s chagrin. Etta didn’t take to her nearly as well.
  • So, you know that I’m not leaving my child with any of these teens (even as a babysitter if my daughter is fast asleep for the night). How about you, would you leave your child (either real or hypothetical) with any of the teens you saw tonight?

It may not be child friendly, but just FYI, The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews is really swell.

Posted by:Josh Lasser