Davidboreanaz_emilydeschanel_bones_ When we last saw the Bones brigade, Booth arrested Brennan’s dad, Zack had left to serve in Iraq and Hodgins and Angela ditched their own wedding (leaving Brennan and Booth standing there). Three months later…

Spoilers – it’s what’s for dinner.

Some young folks are driving down the highway as the designated driver attempts to wax philosophic with the drunken knuckleheads in the back seat. Their conversation is cut short, however, when what looks like a rock falls off an overpass, bounces off a truck and impales itself into the windshield. Oh, and it’s not a rock…it’s a human skull. I hate it when that happens.

At the lab, Clark Eddison (played wonderfully by Eugene Byrd, mostly recently seen last season on Heroes as Nathan’s campaign manager) is examining a skeleton for Bones and Camille. Booth shows up in the midst of this and tries to get Bones to come with him on a case. She’s reluctant because she needs to fill in on the lab work since Zack is gone. Seeing how capable Clark is (who says that "Bones" was his nickname too in college), Booth pushes the issue and gets Temperance to go with him. After they leave, Camille tells him that his hypothesis is dead on.

After visiting the crime scene and collecting the skull, Bones examines it. Showing her findings to Camille, she calls Booth and they tell him that there are teeth marks on it – ones made by a human, not an animal. Basically, a cannibal chewed this skull’s face off. I really hate it when that happens.

Clark helps by discovering a medical condition in the skull that leads to them discovering its identity – a brilliant 22-year-old violinist named Gavin Nichols who had gone missing months before. Booth questions his girlfriend (with the help of Angela looking at pictures in her scrapbook) and discovers there was someone else in his life – the wife of the head of Secret Service. That questioning leads to a dead end, though, as the affair was not only know by the husband, but videotaped by him while hiding in the closet. Ew.

As they follow the clues, the investigation leads them to a vault in the basement of an abandoned bank. Booth gets a team to cut through the giant lock and he and Bones enter to find a whole lot of artifacts from ancient religions, peoples and practices (Alchemy, Cabala, Druidism, documents on dead languages, etc.) and some sort of message written in ancient Greek burned into the interior of the vault door. Temperance finds Gavin’s violin as Booth finds something else around the corner…

Among the artifacts is a silver human skeleton tied to a giant medieval wheel, reaching to one side and towards the sky. Except some of the bones in the skeleton aren’t silver plated (and we come to find out there are bones from at least 6 people in there). Brennan can’t exactly identify the symbolism so it’s time to call in the rest of the team.

Asst. US Attorney Caroline Julian (who is awesomely played by Patricia Belcher who’s been in all kinds of stuff), Angela, Hodgins and Camille all come down to the vault to take a look at everything. Except it’s way too much stuff so they’ll have to take it back to the lab for a full examination. But while there, Angela identifies it as being a 16th century practice which gets Hodgins all riled up. He believes it’s connected to the Illuminati but they don’t really want to entertain the rest of his conspiracy theory.

Ericmillegan_bones_s3_240 Once they get back to the lab, Zack shows up. What?!? Clark sadly sees that he’s out of a job, and I’m a little sad too because I really liked him. Anyway, Zack immediately dives into the case and discovers an additional pattern to the teeth marks on the skull. What’s it from? A diamond tooth. One belonging to Jason Harkness, a janitor that worked with the historical society that’s been attempting to have the bank declared a protected landmark. Booth and Bones question him and he answers their questions innocently enough.  But when they press him to get his dental impressions, he turns creepy real quick. He says that people don’t taste like chicken or pork, but like beef – the younger the person, the better. And apparently babies taste like fish. Double ew.

After they arrest Jason, Zack calls to show them something important. Rushing back to the lab, Bones and Brennan discover that some of the older bones have not one, but two different teeth marks on them. Jason didn’t have a dining companion, he was the dining companion.

Seeley and Brennen book it over to the jail to question him, but they’re too late. He’s been stabbed through the chest, either by arranged suicide or murder, and is naked and positioned up against the bars just like the silver skeleton.

Trying to piece it all together, they ask for Hodgins’ help. He says that the position is one that means "scapegoat," a figure often connected to The Rapture in the tomes of secret societies. The Freemasons call it "The Widow’s Son" – which Gavin happened to be and is connected to the ancient Greek inscribed on the vault door ("Will no one help the Widow’s Son?"). At the end, Booth cautions Brennan that this case is going to be different because the guy they’re looking for is big and bad and will take a long time to capture.

They’ve got an entire vault of evidence to process, remains to identify, and a secret society to tangle with. This is going to be a fun season.

Other Tidbits of Note:


  • Angela and Hodgins are still planning on getting married…they just have to track down her first husband. She got married to a guy she can’t remember while on vacation in Fiji years ago so they hire a detective. They can’t go by the name on the marriage license because all he signed was an X. Fortunately, the P.I. they hired (named Mr. Doily) is really good and identifies him as a Portuguese speaking sailor and a giant of a man nicknamed Birenbau (a Brazilian flute) currently on a ship somewhere around Tierra del Fuego. Doily says if they wait 3 years they can declare him legally dead but Angela and Hodgins don’t want to wait so the search goes on.
  • TJ Tyne played the reaction to seeing what Birenbau looks like perfectly – a nice balance of baffled amazement, admiration and jealousy. My favorite reaction line: "He’s a Titan – half man, half god."
  • When Camille presses Zack to was discharged from the military, Zack says it’s because he didn’t "assimilate" and they found him unable to function in the way they wanted him to with the team. Camille reassures him that he functions with their team and that he has a place he belongs.
  • The whole episode, Bones has been reluctant to go out with Booth on cases (something that’s been going on since the end of last season). She keeps blaming it on being really busy yet refuses to hire someone to take Zack’s job. Angela says it’s because standing at the alter with Booth wigged her out. Booth thinks it’s because he arrested her father from murder. Turns out she was just ticked that Booth didn’t try to stop Zack from leaving. He tells her that he couldn’t stand in the way of Zack’s attempt to "leave the nest." Of course they reconcile at the end (and Brennan returns to "normal" behavior patterns when Zack returns).
  • This whole episode, Booth is trying to get Brennan out of the lab and "back to normal." There’s this whole puppy quality to his eagerness which was really adorable. Kudos to David Boreanaz who gets to show all the personality he couldn’t on Angel.
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