Michaelchiklis_shield_240_002The Shield began its final season Tuesday more or less where things left off last year — which is to say, in a very complicated place.

So rather than go through a lengthy recap trying to summarize where things stand with a show that we haven’t featured much on It Happened Last Night, we’re going to throw it out to you. The floor is open for discussion on the seventh-season premiere, which featured Mackey (Michael Chiklis) simultaneously trying to deal with Shane, use his leverage against the politically and very probably criminally connected Cruz Pezuela and protect his family from the Armenians.

Add to that the comedy of Dutch and Claudette duping Billings out of his lawsuit and back into his job — though that may turn out to be subtraction by addition — and the gruesome spectacle of a trail of blood laid right down the middle of a city street, and we’re off and running on a season that will see Vic have to face what he’s done over the years.

I cede the floor to you. What did you think of the season premiere of The Shield, and where do you think it’s headed? (And would you like to see weekly recaps of the kind we usually do around here?)

Posted by:Rick Porter