Everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure Greek is back and for myself and fellow Cappie-a-holics like me, its return couldn’t come soon enough. Let the wacky hijinks and romantic entanglements ensue!

My favorite class in college was Spoilers 101.

While right now it’s spring break for many students across the country, it’s time for our favorite Cyprus-Rhodes University denizens to return for their second semester. Despite a four week time jump they pick up pretty much right where they left off, with Casey and Rusty riding back to school together and still talking about their lost loves Evan and Jen K. But while Casey is convinced she is over Evan, Rusty is still in wallowing mode. Rusty continues to obsess over Jen K. for the entire episode but it all comes crashing to a halt when he goes to her dorm room to get some closure and instead finds Jen there with a new boyfriend. Ouch. Lonelygirl is not so lonely anymore, I guess, and I’m also guessing this is the last we will be seeing of Jen K. for a while. Hopefully Rusty will find a new girl to get over the sadness of losing his first real girlfriend.

As for Casey, she has an easier time forgetting about her Evan troubles because she is too busy dealing with her Zeta Beta Zeta troubles. The entire campus blames her house for the university’s crackdown on the Greeks and even her sorority regulatory board gets in on the act, sending in a nightmare "chapter consultant" named Lizzie whose sole job is to act relentlessly (and falsely) perky and make Casey’s life a living hell. Casey and Lizzie manage to come to a sort of understanding by the end of the hour, but ZBZ’s troubles aren’t over by a long shot seeing that the entire Greek community shunned their normally popular kissing booth at the charity carnival. Everyone except the Kappa Tau’s that is, after Cappie notices what is happening and sends his house over to help the ZBZ’s save face. Casey’s small victory is immediately crushed, however, when Evan approaches her in front of everyone and demands his lavaliere back, tells her Omega Chi is removing her as Omega Sweetheart, and reveals that they are also cutting ties with the ZBZ house for good. Apparently Evan really didn’t enjoy watching her kiss Cappie, because that is some cold stuff right there.

Speaking of Cappie, his new dilemma revolves around his unlikely relationship with ZBZ pledge and sworn enemy of Casey, Rebecca Logan. He and Rebecca decided their relationship was just a winter break fling, but Rebecca texts him for clandestine meetings in the library and then gets jealous when she sees him kissing Casey at the kissing booth. Could it be there are real feelings here? Although Rebecca is quite the annoying character at times, I hope so because the addition of Rebecca to the mix makes the Evan/Casey/Cappie love triangle into something of a rhombus, and I am completely on board for more complex geometry when it comes to relationships on this show. Why not bring in a fifth and go for the pentagon?

Also returning from winter break were Calvin and Ashley, who are both still reeling from Ashley’s accidental outing of Calvin in the first season finale. Ashley has repeatedly contacted Calvin to try to apologize, but he hasn’t returned any of her messages. She finally runs into him on the street and they have a very sweet make-up scene, which is nice to see. Calvin also hasn’t returned to the Omega Chi house, but when Evan confronts him and tells him he still wants him to be a brother Calvin seems receptive. Evan has a harder time than he thought convincing the other brothers, though, which is probably realistic but still quite sad to see. One brother even notes that a "gay frat guy is just weird." Only if you let it be, dude. In direct contrast to the Omega Chi house, Calvin’s Kappa Tau boyfriend comes out to his brothers and their reaction is that they don’t even have a reaction. Oh, Kappa Tau. Your house may be disgusting but your tolerance is celebrated.

Well, that’s it for this week. Coming up this season: romantic shenanigans galore! And Parents Weekend! Sounds delicious.

What did you guys think? Will Cappie and Rebecca last? How will Casey get ZBZ out of the Greek doghouse? And will Evan be able to convince his brothers to allow Calvin back into the house?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler