Now that the PCD has basically disintegrated, Robin Antin is back at it starting a brand new girl group in The Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious. But the question is, do any of them dance like a drag queen?


Instead of seeing a lengthy audition process (Thank you for that), we’re treated to the top 15 finalists who are broken into 5 groups of three. One girl, Natalie (19, Diamond Bar, CA) strikes me as being particularly cut-throat the way she sizes up Charlotte, who she sees as her main competition. Ilisa, who is 19 and is the youngest person to survive an unspecified heart disease requiring surgery, is teamed up with Keysha (who’ll unfortunately be known as "The Lesbian") and Carrie, the oldest girl in the competition at 25. They’re kind of a motley crew so I instinctively like them (though Carrie needs a new hair color stat). Robin directs the girls to come up with their own look and their own vibe, reminding them that she’ll be sending 3 girls home from any group at all.

Keysha from my little Motley Crew is not doing so well vocally while, seperately, Charlotte struggles with her choreography. Mikey, the choreographer who also worked on the show last year, is really pushing hard in this respect. Speaking of problems, Carrie (who’s look Mikey calls tragic) is also having a lot of issues with learning the dances because she’s never danced before while Jenna (who’s parents are body builders/fitness experts) abandons ship on solo rehearsal because of cramps which another girl doesn’t appreciate.

We then arrive at Trifling Fight #1: While getting ready to go to the Tom Tom Club, Charlotte asks if she can borrow a pair of Natalie’s boots, who says no in a most stank fashion. In their two cars, each girl tells the others what happened which leads to Tiffanie calling Natalie "fake-ass" and "stingy" in a solo interview.

At the club, Nelly Furtado pops up for a guest appearance while host Mark McGrath lets the girls know they’re all doing karaoke. And to make things even better, Robin has the girls pick their songs out of a hate. Carrie, who’s really not having the best luck, picks first and gets Sugar Ray’s "Fly" which she now has to sing in front of Mark. Fortunately she was good. A couple other girls got the song as well and performed admirably. A few other girls picked "I’m Like A Bird." Like that’s not intimidating to have to sing in front of Nelly. Ilisa did a little improv at the end and got props from the lady herself which is cool because I like her.

After the club, Jenna tell one of the Executive Producers about her abdominal pain as it’s progressed to the point that she can barely stand. The EP calls 911 and we learn that Jenna’s suffering from a ruptured cyst. Ugh and ouch. Terrible. But she’s worried that this will effect her place in the competition.

The next morning, Jenna comes rolled in a wheelchair with her group at practice the next morning and tells everyone what happened. She was hooked up to IVs the whole night and the injury could’ve put her in a coma. Yet group mate Jamie is concerned that, come performance time, Jenna will bring the whole group down due to not being able to learn all the steps. While sitting in practice in a wheelchair. Yeah.

Poor Kristin. She’s the third in the Charlotte/Natalie team that’s now having issues in practice in front of Mikey and Robin and the vocal coach. When C and N reveal their fight, there was a implied eyeroll from everyone. Robin and Mikey basically tell them to suck it up and get through their performance. Meanwhile, Jenna gets out of her wheelchair to learn the rest of the dance as Natalie decides she wants to take a nap instead of rehearse with her group.

Now it’s the day of their performance. Mark introduces the judges: Robin, Geffen Records Chairman Ron Fair, and Lil’ Kim (who happens to be delightfully dressed – shocking!). My Motley Crew did quite well, though Ron Fair was making weird faces that I can’t quite figure out. I really do like Ilisa (long red-hair, great vibe) and Keysha – Carrie’s got a great voice but I’m a bit indifferent. Jenna’s group did good too but Ron Fair was again with the faces. One group we haven’t heard much from consisting of Nichole, Chrystina and Cassandra was very impressive – they weren’t the best dancers but they had a great chemistry. Now comes the dysfunctional group. Ron Fair is covering his face with his hands and I don’t know what that means.

The judges deliberate and poor Jenna gets tagged about her dancing. Hello! Wheelchair! Robin notes that Keysha is still not singing out, Natalie is a great dancer, Ilisa has a great look, and Charlotte has potential. Lil’ Kim notes that Charlotte will either break out of her shell or not.

Charlotte, Keysha, Carrie, and Kristin are left on the chopping block at the end with Carrie getting the last life preserver. It’s unfortunate that Charlotte and Kristin had to be victims of Natalie’s bitchiness and that Keysha couldn’t overcome her inability to project. Natalie is in happy tears at the end stating that she finally feels she’s being rewarded for all her hard work. That shrew is something else. She even looks like a villain from a teen-geared soap opera.

Next week, the girls move into the house and Natalie, perhaps, sabotages her group. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll work out well for her in the end…

What do you think? Did any of the girls really stand-out to you? Do you have favorites? Is Natalie the most hatable person on The CW since Kevin Federline ended his One Tree Hill gig? Though there’s always Chad Michael Murray to hate on…

Posted by:Tamara Brooks