President Barack Obama isn’t the typical “Tonight Show” guest. He is a politician and one of the most powerful people in the world — not just another actor promoting an upcoming movie in conversation with Jay Leno.

Because of this, conversations with the President tend to be a little different than the normal “Tonight Show” banter. Obama and Leno talked about health care, the Trayvon Martin case, terrorism threats and the upcoming Olympics in Russia.

Watch video clips of Obama’s visit here.

Leno and Obama started off with the easy and not-terribly-controversial stuff. For example, they had a nice little chat about Russia’s anti-homosexuality laws. Obama interestingly brought up the fact that it isn’t just Russia that has these laws. That’s just the country getting the attention right now.

The President thinks that the Olympics will run smoothly, by the way.

News wasn’t quite so rosy when talking about international security issues.

At least Obama didn’t try to hype up the security threat beyond what it should be. Always checking with the State Department is a good idea. That governmental organization is rather cautious by nature. If they think you’re okay, it’s probably fair not to worry.

Controversy got a little more pronounced when Jay Leno asked Barack Obama about his comments on the Trayvon Martin case.

The issue headed right back to the justice system. There were race relations too, of course, but keeping the focus on the legal stuff is probably best if one wants to not create massive controversy during a pleasant conversation on “The Tonight Show.”

“We want to make sure we don’t have laws that encourage that kind of violent encounter that we saw in that tragedy.” This could very well be the line the pundits jump on in the morning.

Finally, Barack Obama got a chance to talk about Obamacare.

Apparently, the whole thing goes into effect on Oct. 1. It’s online already.

Did it end up being a good interview? Was it worth Obama making the trip to Burbank? Did you know that the healthcare stuff was already online?

Posted by:Laurel Brown