president bartlet obama west wing getty President Bartlet to President Obama: 'Make Romney your cabana boy in New York'In an inspired writing exercise (and something that has this “West Wing” fangirl delighted to no end), Aaron Sorkin has a penned an imaginary conversation for the New York Times between President Bartlet and President Obama talking about the recent presidential debate. Will McAvoy from “Newsroom” and debate moderator Jim Lehrer also make an appearance.

We’d love to just copy and paste the entire piece here, but that would be stealing. Instead, here are our favorite moments.

BARTLET Were you sleepy?


BARTLET Was that the problem? Had you just taken allergy medication? General anesthesia?

OBAMA I had an off night.

BARTLET What makes you say that? The fact that the
Cheesecake Factory is preparing an ad campaign boasting that it served
Romney his pre-debate meal?


BARTLET Thirty straight months of job growth — blown
off. G.M. showing record profits — unmentioned. “Governor, would you
still let Detroit go bankrupt as you urged us to do four years ago?” —
unasked. And that
was quite a display of hard-nosed, fiscal conservatism when he slashed
one one-hundredth of 1 percent from the federal budget by canceling
“Sesame Street” and “Downton Abbey.” I think we’re halfway home. Mr.
President, your prep for the next debate need not consist of anything
more than learning to pronounce three words: “Governor, you’re lying.”


BARTLET You picked a bad night to have a bad night,
that’s all. You’ve got two more chances to change the scoreboard, and
Joe unplugged should be pretty good television too. Make Romney your
cabana boy in New York.

There’s a middle section where Bartlet recounts things Romney said in the debate and Obama says why they’re wrong. It reminds us quite strongly of Mrs. Landingham telling Jed to show her numbers and then he marches off to declare he’s going to run again.

“The West Wing” was a good show.

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