barackobama kanyewest 290 President Obama: Kanye West is a 'Jackass'When it comes to the informal world of social media, it’s very hard to keep something off the record.

On Monday (Sept. 14) night, ABC’s Terry Moran Tweeted: “Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a ‘jackass’ for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT’S presidential.”

Wait? Barack Obama, president of the United States of America, did what?

Moran deleted his little bombshell soon after posting it, but not before his million plus followers had a chance to see it. And, as everybody knows by now, nothing can be truly gotten rid of in the electronic age.

terrymoran_obamatweet_largejpg.jpgAccording to a statement speedily issued by Moran’s employers at ABC, “In the process of reporting on remarks by President Obama that were made during a CNBC interview, ABC News employees prematurely tweeted a portion of those remarks that turned out to be from an off-the-record portion of the interview. This was done before our editorial process had been completed. That was wrong. We apologize to the White House and CNBC and are taking steps to ensure that it will not happen again.”

Which means: a) No one is disputing Obama made the comment, just that it wasn’t meant for publication, and b) ABC reporters are probably going to have to start submitting their Tweets through a dozen editors from now on.


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