barack obama jay leno 102422012 tonight show President Obama on Donald Trump announcement: Dates back to their childhoods ... in KenyaPresident Obama stopped by “The Tonight Show” Wednesday (Oct. 24), where he was naturally asked by host Jay Leno about Donald Trump’s “announcement” from earlier in the day, where Trump offered up $5 million in charitable donations in exchange for the president releasing his college applications and records, plus his passport records.

Obama clearly is not taking the challenge seriously, as shown by this exchange:

Leno: “What’s up with you and Trump?”
Obama: “This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya … We had constant run-ins on the soccer field. He wasn’t very good … when we finally moved to America, I thought it’d be over.”


The president also addresses the debates. When Leno asks if he’s glad they’re over, the president quips, “I was sort of getting the hang of it.”

He also adds:

Obama: “This is not a natural way of communicating. You’re sitting next to someone and having an extended argument with them like that.”
Leno: “But you’re married …”
Obama: “But the difference is with Michelle, I just concede every point.”

Smart man.

The president also addresses home foreclosures and urges voters, regardless of which party they vote for, to tell Congress they support legislation that will give families a $3000 tax cut for refinancing their mortgages. And finally, they discuss how the make-up of the Supreme Court will have an entirely different look depending on who gets elected Nov. 6.

Video below.

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