mitt romney barack obama presidential debate gi Presidential debate fact check: Was Mitt Romney or Barack Obama more truthful?There was plenty of back and forth between the two candidates in the second 2012 presidential debate. Moderated by Candy Crowley, the town hall-style matchup between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, gave both men plenty of opportunities to call each other out on mistruths and exaggerations.

If you have trouble determining which candidate has the facts on their side, the Associated Press is here to help.

The AP reports Obama wasn’t right when he said ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would free up funds to help “rebuild America.” He also misrepresented his record on jobs. Romney is credited for correcting some of his previous falsities, but misspoke when he reiterated some of Obama’s statements about the car industry in Detroit.

For more on who was wrong about what, see the Chicago Tribune.

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