On the third day of the Television Critics Association Press Tour, we are party-less, which is  a welcome rest from the previous night’s festivities for CBS and its sister networks.

Arriving earlier on Thursday (July 29), I try to maneuver for optimal wifi reception, but as you can see from this tweet, I’m not that successful. The Beverly Hilton Hotel is lovely, but their ballroom doesn’t seem to have the best wifi. Wait, you’re telling me partygoers aren’t constantly on their laptops?

You know who are constantly on their laptops? Us. Here’s proof. The view from my seat:

tca room Press Tour Diary Day 3: Ed Westwick, 'Dexter' and drageesShowtime is up first, and in the makeshift foyer, we see which shows we’ll be discussing. How many can you name?

tca showtime Press Tour Diary Day 3: Ed Westwick, 'Dexter' and drageesWe also get the oddest swag ever, this sleep mask from SleepSuperbly.com, handed out by pages wearing lab coats. Ah, but it’s not really a sleep therapy site, but a clever tie-in for “Dexter.” If you click through, you’ll be able to read a testimonial by Vince Masuka (C.S. Lee) that’s very typical Masuka.

tca sleepmask Press Tour Diary Day 3: Ed Westwick, 'Dexter' and drageesWe’re sure that once we start watching “Dexter” this season, we’ll realize this is brilliant.

tca cw Press Tour Diary Day 3: Ed Westwick, 'Dexter' and drageesMoving on from Showtime, we transition into CW land. How do we know? Perhaps it’s the attractive pages who are dressed in these super mod green dresses that make us feel safe since we now know where the three sets of exits are. Actually, the pages help direct us to the lovely outdoor lunch that The CW has set up.

tca lunchtime outside Press Tour Diary Day 3: Ed Westwick, 'Dexter' and drageesPossibly the best and droolworthy-est display is the selection of desserts topped with faux butterflies or pearly/metallic dragees.

tca desserts Press Tour Diary Day 3: Ed Westwick, 'Dexter' and drageesAlas, the sunshine-y tableau is not for me, since I still have to work, so I place my lunch in the branded takeaway container provided (seriously, they think of everything) and return to my laptop and the non-Vitamin D-rich ballroom. My spread:

tca takeaway lunch Press Tour Diary Day 3: Ed Westwick, 'Dexter' and drageesFully recharged, I go into The CW sessions ready to look at pretty people like Maggie Q (and her tattoo) and Ed Westwick from “Gossip Girl,” which my colleague Carina MacKenzie live-blogs, thus freeing up my mind to wander a bit.

Although I’m a wee bit disappointed that Westwick isn’t sporting the aggressive chest rug that he had proudly exhibited at the Wednesday night party, I’m amused enough by his appearance because I found his outfit reminiscent of Smee’s from “Peter Pan.” What do you think?

tca ed westwick smee Press Tour Diary Day 3: Ed Westwick, 'Dexter' and drageesThat concludes Day 3 of press tour. Read the account of Day 1/Day 2 in all it’s Warner Bros. cartoon glory and come back for Day 4: NBC!

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