Due to an office TiVo meltdown I missed last week’s episode of Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious, so I didn’t see The Redemption of Natalie. I hear it happened, but considering her behavior this week it may as well not have.

[Turn away kids unless you want to spoil your dinner.]

Following Jamie and Ilisa’s ouster, Natalie pontificates on the importance of being beautiful. In fact, according to her, beauty is a talent and it’s important one. Because she was born beautiful people are drawn to her, and want to talk to her and want to be her friend. And, I suspect, want to hit her.

Unlike, say that totally awkward girl Ilisa. Or maybe she’s talking about Jenna, because the next scene is Jenna talking about how she’s "not a fat person" while she pours a horrifying amount of processed sugar and preservatives into a giant mixing bowl and begins to chow down. She might not be fat now, but come those sneaky metabolic body changes that hit sooner than anyone expects it’s not going to be a pretty picture.

Still, this week’s Girlicious lesson has nothing to do with looks. It’s all about Vocal Expression, or as Robin puts it, "Being a total diva." And, from this point on each girl is performing for themselves and count on the others in their group(s) to keep them safe.

Nichole, Natalie, Charlye and Jenna are assigned Destiny’s Child’s "Emotion," while Tiffanie, Carrie and Chrystina get "Flashdance … What a Feeling" with all seven of the girls assembling for a dance number at the end.

Ken steps forward to perform an "emotional operatic song" and moves the increasingly fragilr Charlye to tears, but we’ll get to her later.

In the first vocal session, Ken decides to mix it up a little. Since he knows that everyone will expect vocally strong  Carrie to be the singer that opens the song, he decides to give the part to Chrystina instead.

Things go downhill with the second group when Natalie shows that she is unclear about what part of "being a total diva" they are being judged on this week.

First she tries to tell Ken what part she wants to sing lead on. Then when he tells her that she needs to step down she says he has a bad attitude and actually storms out of the session. Ken follows and gives her quite the dressing down in front of Tiffanie and Nichole. Natalie finally apologizes, but not before delivering the line, "I’m trying to be positive and I feel so much negative energy in that room."

Luckily, Natalie isn’t the only person in the group having problems. Charlye is being criticized for unlearning how to dance overnight which brings us back to her and her problems. As you may have heard a dozen or so times, her father died when she was on a college trip. This gets brought up over and over, especially when she keeps hovering during other people’s phone calls because she desperately needs to talk to her mom.

Not to sound insensitve, but I’m pretty sure the loss of one parent doesn’t make the remaining one count more than double when it comes to phone privileges.

However, that sort of fuzzy math does work out when it comes time for Ken to pick a girl for a special one-hour, one-on-one vocal session and decides that Charlye is in most need to the attention.

The night before this week’s performance, everyone is in disarray: Chrystina still doesn’t have the lyrics memorized, Charlye keeps doing a weird thing with her mouth when she dances and Jenna decides to go to bed early.

At the final rehearsal the next day, Robin decides to snatch the lead vocal away from Chrystina and give it back to Carrie which is about all the drama there is as the performance itself goes quite smoothly.

The judges have their say and Natalie decides that she definitely isn’t "a terrible vocalist" and takes Ron Fair’s remark "We’ll see what happens" as such a compliment that she repeats it to back her assertion up. Of course during the immunity challenge she did get an honorable mention for being a "surprise attack," even if Tiffanie won.

The Bottom Two are Jenna and Chrystina. Robin says that Girlicious is about "energy and fire" while Jenna is about "swagger and cool" and I honestly believe that she is not making a veiled comment about Jenna’s weight. Jenna may be sultry, but energetic she ain’t. Meanwhile, Chrystina has shown that she has "all the tools" but "never at the same time" which kind of makes her the lamest superhero in the world.

Either way, the judges ended up dropping the heaviest weight and Jenna’s sent swaggering home.

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