pretty-little-liars-S2-summer-finale.jpgThe summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars” seemingly answered a lot of questions. Now Zap2it can finally reveal the juicy tidbits about the second half of Season 2 that executive producer Marlene King dished to us.

First of all, don’t expect the second half of the season to pick up right where the first half left off, like in Season 1.

“After the finale, we jump in time to one month later and there’s a huge fallout for all the PLLs and for all of their relationships because of what happens in the finale,” King tells us.

And in this time jump, we can expect to see some new faces in Rosewood.

“We’re introducing a new character that we find out went to the blind
school with Jenna Cavanaugh. A young male character. And there’s a new
character coming into Aria’s world as well, so two new guys,” says King. “So far
that’s it, but you know, for us there probably will be more.”

However, some of the old faces will still be wreaking havoc on the lives of the PLLs. Melissa will be coming back into Spencer’s life and Kate won’t be leaving Hanna’s anytime soon, despite the fact that Isabel and Tom did not get married.

“We’re going to see Melissa more toward the end of the second half,” says King. “She’s in Philadelphia playing the part of the grieving widow, but she’s going to come back into our world halfway through the second half.”

“Kate is going to be a new arch-nemesis for Hanna,” King continues. “She’s going to play a very prominent role in Hanna’s life in the back 12 episodes.”

But the biggest bombshell we found out about the second half of Season 2 is that the N.A.T. club turns out to be bigger than we thought.

“You will find out in the next half of the season that there is one more, possibly two more members of the N.A.T. club. Members or mascots, you’ll have to wait ’til you see the episodes,” teases King.

So does this mean that “A” is actually more than one person?

“That is definitely a plausible theory,” says King.

What do you think, “Pretty Little Liars” fans? We can hardly wait ’til 2012. At least we have the Halloween prequel episode to tide us over.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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