alison pretty little liars sasha pieterse 'Pretty Little Liars': Alison was pregnant?!There were a couple big bombshells on “Pretty Little Liars” this week, both for the characters and for the viewers.

First off, Alison was pregnant?! That’s certainly what the show is insinuating by showing the flashback of Alison telling Cici she was two weeks late getting her period. She also remarks that the “beach hottie” who is presumably the father would “kill her” if he found out. Sounds like pretty good motive for murder to us.

The coroner’s report that initially gave us pause was explained by Emily and her internet-fu — Ali was really early in the pregnancy and her body was buried for over a year before it was found, so the evidence of a pregnancy wouldn’t necessarily be there. That makes sense, though we aren’t entirely convinced Ali was still pregnant at the time of her death.

It also turns out Officer Wilden was in Cape May at some point too. Is he Alison’s beach hottie? That seems a bit like a red herring to us. What do you think, Liars fans? Did Ali’s baby-daddy kill her? Is that baby-daddy Officer Wilden?

Also on the flashback front we have Alison visiting Toby in juvenile hall, convinced he’s the “A” who is torturing her. He definitely doesn’t have great feelings for the Liars at that point.

Meanwhile, Spencer inadvertently drops the Maggie/son bomb on Ezra after “A” leads her to believe he already knows and has broken up with Aria. Aria handles it surprisingly well in her dealing with Spencer, but Spencer does not reciprocate. She’s pretty broken after the whole Toby thing and is definitely lashing out at her friends.

She’s also lashing out by meeting up with a private investigator. She gives the “A” key to him along with a picture of Toby, telling the PI to follow Toby as a clue to where the key goes.

As for Ezra and Aria, he’s taking off to go meet his son and doesn’t know when he’ll be back. He is surprisingly understanding about Aria keeping the secret, but something has definitely changed in their relationship.

Emily and Hanna are also up to some investigating, as Emily is turning over her bio notes where Alison talks about her beach hottie to the police and Hanna is sneaking around after Paige and Caleb after finding out they’re working together against “A.”

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Troian Bellisario is acting the heck out of this season, right? Last episode and this episode have been excellent, we can’t wait to see her as Spencer spirals out of control.
  • The brain prank on Mona was pretty gross. Bad form, Caleb. That seems a little whacked out for him, that disappointed us.
  • Hanna’s trip to the lesbian bar and her mom’s reaction to it was hilarious. “Pink drink? Is that code for something gay?”

Let us know your thoughts on the latest episode, Liars fans.

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