pretty little liars dolls 'Pretty Little Liars': An arresting developmentSo when we last left the “Pretty Little Liars,” it was revealed that the day she died, Alison was dropped off in an airfield outside the city hours before any of them thought she got back from Hilton Head.

In the A department, Alison appears to Spencer in a dream and tells her they’re getting warmer. Or maybe she’s not a dream, since in the morning the door’s ajar and the pain pill bottle Alison was digging in has the top off.

The Liars realize Alison and A were corresponding via the classifieds and trace their meeting over to Spruce St., where that doll shop is. The old lady there has a grandson named Seth who recognizes Alison (as Vivian) and says he saw (in his head) that a man and a woman were going to do something bad to her. He also knew she was buried alive, a detail the police never leaked.

Spencer confronts Melissa about the video from Alison’s room and Melissa threatens her right back with some videos that don’t make the Liars look too good, though she doesn’t get any more specific than that. Meanwhile, Mona has gotten an A text telling her to break up Hanna and Caleb. So the Liars and Mona stage Caleb and Mona making out where Melissa can see them and Hanna gets a text about it. Which she thinks proves Melissa is A, but it really doesn’t.

So Hanna, Emily and Spencer go back to the doll shop to see if Seth can identify Melissa and they find a box full of voodoo dolls, which Martha the owner had said they don’t sell. And then an animatronic doll that is supposed to be Alison buried alive starts repeating over and over, “Finally end up like me. Finally end up like me.” (It was either “finally” or “follow me,” we heard “finally.”)

Then Garrett stops by Spencer’s house, kissing Melissa and dropping off a box for her. Until two detectives show up to arrest Garrett for Alison’s murder. Dun dun dun!

In other news, Aria finds a boarding school application her parents have and then makes a threat to her mom that the Dean at Hollis probably wouldn’t like to know Byron had an affair with his student. The parents back off, but not before Ella tells Aria she’s ashamed of her. And then Ezra gets fired – though why, we don’t know. Obviously, Byron probably had something to do with it. So Ezra’s leaving town for awhile, to regroup at his parents’ house. And it completely drives Aria and Ezra together before he leaves, though.

And finally, Jenna’s surgery is unsuccessful, but she apologizes to the Liars, telling them she’s not the one they need to fear. Later, she reveals to Toby she has page 5 of Alison’s autopsy, which she got from Garrett. She claims she didn’t know what it was, but thinks the police should have it now. And then we find out Jenna really can see.

At the very end, Martha cleans up her shop and gets money from A, while Seth gets a big lollipop.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • That scene in the doll shop was the creepiest thing the show has ever done. Total nightmare fuel.
  • Was anyone else pretty mad at Ella for saying she was “ashamed” of Aria? First off, Byron does not have a leg to stand on regarding Aria and Ezra, especially since they never slept together. And threatening to send her away? Of course Aria lashed out and it was kind of awesome. But Aria would never actually go to the Dean, we don’t think.
  • Great version of “Wicked Game” playing … did Ezra and Aria finally sleep together?
  • So … is Mona A? We used to think it was fun that she was getting in on the mystery, but it’s way too suspicious now. Or is that a double-secret probation thing and it’s supposed to look too obvious because it’s not her?

Well, only one more episode and then we find out who A is! Who’s excited?!

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