free fall pretty little liars lucy hale ian harding 'Pretty Little Liars': Aria finds out Ezra was involved with AlisonOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars” episode, Ezra “confesses” a lot of things to Aria, including that he was involved with Alison when he was in college and she was like 15. But how much of it was true?

Spencer, Ezra and the Liars

Spencer has completely lost it in terms of the drugs. She wakes up barefoot at Mr. Fitz’s in school with no idea how she got there — was that “A’s” doing? We’re not so sure. But it causes Mr. Fitz to say something to Aria, which gives him an in to give her Spencer’s school record about past drug use.

Aria, Emily and Hanna stage an intervention and Spencer completely freaks out, screaming that Ezra is “A,” which of course Aria isn’t going to believe for one second since Spencer seems certifiable. (And later, her mom and Toby catch her in a lie and the drug use is outed, so Spencer is in some serious trouble now.)

When Aria tells Ezra how it went down confronting Spencer, he says Spencer needs help, citing how bonkers she went upon finding “Toby” dead in the woods when all she saw was “a motorcycle helmet and a tattoo.” Aria wonders how he knew those details, since they were never in any kind of report — which is a weird way to phrase that because wouldn’t it also be a red flag if Ezra was reading police reports?

Anyway, she investigates at the cabin and finds a manuscript about Alison. When Ezra catches her there, there’s a chase through the woods and then they absurdly end up on a ski lift together, which is where Ezra makes his big confession:

He met Alison when he was in college; she lied about her age. However, that still means she was like 15 years old, right? He’s been investigating Alison’s disappearance for a true-crime book, and he knew who all the Liars were when he met Aria. He took advantage of hitting it off with Aria at the bar because he wanted to be a good reporter and follow a lead, but he has never lied about his feelings for her — he stopped the Alison book when they started seeing each other, then started it back up when they broke up. Now he has stopped again because he knows Alison is alive.

Aria is devastated and out of mind with anger that Ezra has been using her this whole time, but in the fight, the manuscript conveniently goes flying to the ground — which is picked up by someone during the “A” tag.

Mona and Mike

Meanwhile, the three Ezra-a-A-keteers are setting up a way to prove their theory, by causing him to “accidentally” overhear Emily talking about a meeting with Alison to get her the money she needs, using Ambrose Pavillion, one of the locations “A” changed in the diary. Ezra’s not there, but somebody is — and not just the zookeeper.

Was it Mona? Because Mona was way late for her date with Mike. Mona also previously spoke with Ezra about “wanting out,” but Ezra says it’s too late for that.

Speaking of Mona and Mike, little bro thinks Mona should be saying “I love you.” Dude. Slow your roll.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • There has been a lot of absurdity over the years, but this Ezra/Aria thing this season has gotten comically bad. The ski lift thing was ridiculous — how did they get down? What happened when they did? Did Ezra just give Aria her keys and she trotted off home?
  • Secondly, Ezra and Aria as a couple is supposed to be end-game for this show. Have the creators conveniently forgotten that? How in the world does Ezria come back from him admitting he was involved with Alison — was that a lie? It sure seems like they were romantically involved.
  • One theory we have been mulling over is that Ezra and Mona have been working together since she got out of Radley to try to find “A” and/or Alison’s killer. But the creators explicitly said last summer that Ezra-as-A is not another Toby fake-out, which is exactly what it will be if Ezra and Mona turn out to be on the side of the Liars.
  • We’ll reserve judgment until the season plays itself out, but we think the show took a giant misstep making Ezra suddenly some kind of evil mastermind all along.

Best Lines:

Hanna: “Are you a speed freak?”

Spencer: “He’s ‘A’! Ezra is Board Shorts! He tried to kill Ali and he’s been torturing us ever since!”

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