ezra aria jason 'Pretty Little Liars' Aria's love triangle battle: Ezra vs. JasonAnyone else notice the overabundance of love interests on Pretty Little Liars lately? Hey, we’re not complaining, just making an observation.

decided to take a closer look at all of the love triangles in a “PLL” love triangle battle to the death (not really) match. First up? Aria (Lucy Hale) who is currently dating her former teacher Ezra but has recently connected with Alison’s older brother Jason.

Let’s see how Ezra and Jason stake up against each other, shall we? Let’s battle!

ezria pll s2 'Pretty Little Liars' Aria's love triangle battle: Ezra vs. JasonEzra Fitz (Ian Harding)

Pros: Extremely attractive, smart, has a job, published author, bachelor pad is relatively neat, wrote Aria a poem, excellent parking lot kisser, sharp dresser, tendency to rent limos on date night

Cons: Her former teacher, hugophobia (fear of hugs), works with former fiance, can’t commit to one hairstyle, likes vests better than Aria, scared of her parents

They’re already dating and they have a lot in common (love literature, taking pictures with bags on their heads, etc.).

Works with his former fiance Jackie and still has a picture of them on his computer. Does he still have feelings for her? Hale tells us, “Aria knows that Ezra really cared about her. It causes a lot of friction for Aria and Ezra.” Ruh-roh. (Rebuttal: He told Aria he loves her.)

Key scene: Hands down, the kiss in the school parking lot. Who cares if anyone could have seen them?! It was that hot.

What executive producer Marlene King says: “They’re soulmates, they’re meant to be together,” King once said of Ezria. Pretty hard to compete with that, no?  

jason aria s2 'Pretty Little Liars' Aria's love triangle battle: Ezra vs. JasonJason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker)

Hot, does manly things like play basketball and build fences, likes pink hair, doesn’t have to spray-paint his abs on, has nice hair, forced Toby to work shirtless (OK, not really)

Cons: Thinks he may have murdered his sister, doesn’t seem to have a job, wears shirts too much, doesn’t like her friends, former drug lover, tendency to black out and possibly murder people while intoxicated, questionable taste in friends (Hi Ian!)

Advantage: ABS! Oh, he also remembers the old Aria.

Disadvantage: He can be really, really, really creepy and her friends don’t like (or trust) him. (Rebuttal: Toby started out the same way.) 

Key scene: None of his scenes can compete with the parking lot kiss (come on now!) but his shirtless basketball scene definitely caught our attention… and Aria’s. 

What Hale says:
Before it was revealed Jason would be Aria’s new love interest, Lucy said the new guy “brings a whole new element to Aria’s storyline and the guys
are completely opposite, but both great. It shows a different side of
Aria and that’s why I really like the storyline.” She adds, “It’s very interesting because I think it makes her realize how much
she really is risking by being with Ezra.”

Now that you’ve taken a look at the contenders vying for Aria’s heart, who do you think is the best guy for our feather-obsessed PLL?

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