ashley benson pretty little liars perfect storm 'Pretty Little Liars': Ashley Benson talks Hanna's new love interest and a big betrayalIn last week’s shocking “Pretty Little Liars” episode, A finally filled the girls in on the fact that the day Alison died, she was with Ian — Spencer’s new brother-in-law. Now that A is dropping real clues, is she working with the girls to to identify Alison’s killer?

“Definitely not,” Ashley Benson tells us at a recent Warner Bros event. “I don’t think so. When we have a lead suspect, she could text us and say it’s not him, but I don’t think she’s trying to help us at all. We’re kind of figuring it all out.”

The audience will be finding out a lot, as well. In our video interview, which you can watch below, we ask Benson if we’ll learn who Alison’s killer is this season. “Mm-hmm,” she teases. “You will get very close to knowing who it is. The season finale is going to let a lot of things be revealed.”

Meanwhile, though, Benson’s character Hanna has plenty of other things to worry about. In last week’s episode, we touched on her “Hefty Hanna” eating disorder. Benson tells us to expect that issue to keep coming up — but it won’t take center stage. “We’re not really touching base on all that because it’s kind of heavy,” Benson says, “but she’ll definitely keep struggling with it. Her whole story line’s not going to be based on that. We try to keep it as light as possible, but it’s definitely still in play.”

On top of murder and body issues, Hanna is struggling to help her mom out with their money issues. She took their cash for granted in the past, but now that they’re in danger of losing their house, Hanna finds herself having to betray one of her closest friends.

“These next couple episodes for Hanna really test her friendship with the girls, especially one in particular,” says Benson. A keeps stringing her along, and with her family’s financial stability on the line, Hanna has no choice but to make some bad moves. “A makes [Hanna] do something really horrible, against her will. I mean, she’s trying to help her mom out, she doesn’t want to lose the house, so these next couple episodes she’s put on a whole ride of doing things she absolutely doesn’t want to do, but she has no choice.”

Hanna has been juggling her relationship(s) with Sean and Lucas, and soon, her love triangle is going to become a love square. “A new boy comes in,” Benson dishes. “His name’s Caleb, and he kind of interferes with that relationship, so she’s kind of crossed between three guys. You’ll see who she chooses.”

Benson says that choosing Caleb wouldn’t be a smart move. “At first, she gives him a hard time. She doesn’t necessarily make it easy for him to talk to her. She kind of puts him off a little bit, and he’s a bad boy, I mean, he’s mysterious and just… not for Hanna. She shouldn’t be hanging out with him.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie