brant keegan brendan pll 'Pretty Little Liars' Brant Daugherty, Keegan Allen, Brendan Robinson tease the return“Pretty Little Liars” is back on your TV screen Monday night (Jan. 3) and the boys of Rosewood are dishing all the dirt to Zap2it about the show’s return from its midseason hiatus.

Brant Daugherty tells us that his character Noel still wants Aria, but he’s also out to cause some trouble for Mr. Fitz.

“There’s always that part of Noel that wants the girl. I’m definitely into Aria and I would love to see that happen. On the other hand … ,” laughs Daugherty, “There are some problems that we have to deal with first. I can tell you that Noel becomes a bit more of a thorn in Ezra’s side.”

Noel isn’t the only guy in Rosewood getting into some trouble. Keegan Allen tells us that Toby is facing both unexpected vigilantism and unexpected friends.

“Toby’s got all the fingers pointing at him for Alison’s murder. He’s got to deal with that and everybody’s suspicion for him … it’s very dramatic, it’s very intense,” says Allen. “There’s definitely some vigilantism … with characters that you might not expect. And some sympathy. You’re going to start to see someone come into the mix, maybe even two people come into the mix, that you might have not expected at all to befriend Toby.”

Unexpected twists aren’t only Toby’s purview, however. Brendan Robinson teases that the Hanna-Lucas ‘shippers will be pleased with an unexpected twist in the first episode back.

“There’s going to be an unexpected twist in the first episode and I think the Hanna and Lucas fans will definitely be happy about that. It’s definitely something that the characters are not going to see coming,” says Robinson. “Hanna might have a different reaction than the fans. But we’ll see what happens, it’s going to be really good.”

“There’s going to be some tension between Sean and Lucas,” Robinson continues. “There’s going to be a lot more tension than there was in the first half of the season.”

“Pretty Little Liars” returns Monday, Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family. Get excited, “Liars” fans!

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