brant daugherty pretty little liars 320 'Pretty Little Liars' Brant Daugherty: Noel is 'putting the pieces together' on Aria Mr. Fitz“Pretty Little Liars” Aria found herself in a bit of a love triangle at midseason’s end — though she did appear to choose Mr. Fitz in the finale. Zap2it caught up with the other side of the triangle, Brant Daugherty, to find out if Noel Kahn will be back in Aria’s life.

“As far as being Aria’s boyfriend, the finale showed her intentions pretty clearly,” says Daugherty. “From what we’ve seen so far, he’s very persistent. But the interesting thing is that he’s been putting the pieces together over the last few episodes. He’s definitely putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

That sounds like Noel might be considering spilling the beans on Aria and Ezra.

“He likes Aria too much to do that,” Daugherty assures us. “But I think he would definitely have a chat with her. Maybe a more forceful chat.”

Speaking of the finale, Daugherty has a very cerebral take on who “A” might turn out to be.

“I think ‘A’ is really what’s in all of us. It’s a metaphor for how we all feel sometimes,” he laughs. “That’s a terrible answer … All I can do is speculate … but the information they gave us in the finale with Ian and Allison and what we know of Ian’s relationship with Spencer allows for some interesting conclusions to be drawn.”

Daugherty also tells us that the question he gets asked all the time is whether he actually played the guitar in “The Perfect Storm” when co-star Lucy Hale was singing.

“Oliver Goldstick wrote that episode and he approached me and asked me if I could play the guitar. My response was, ‘How much time do I have?'” laughs Daugherty. “They got me a coach and I went to work. I’m embarrassingly good at Guitar Hero and I wanted to see if those skills would translate. I think they did. I can play that entire song very well, but I can’t play anything else yet.”

“When it came time to shoot that scene, I was so blown away with Lucy. We filmed that song so many times, my fingers were getting sore, but she sang it every time. We’re going to put on a concert. We’re going on tour next spring,” he jokes.

He also assures us that he is sticking with the guitar lessons in his break from “Pretty Little Liars.”

“I’m still learning the guitar and taking lessons. I’ve also been horseback-riding with some of the cast and crew,” Daugherty says. “I’ve also been working on a painting that I had to put on hold to film ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ I’m actually sawing and sanding and staining a frame for it, I wanted to build something from scratch.”

Sounds like a real Renaissance man to us, we hope his character returns on “Liars.” In the meantime, Daugherty also informed us that the first project he did was none other than one of our “Pretty Little Liars” hiatus suggestions — the web series “Private,” based on a series of books by Kate Brian. It will help tide you over until “Liars” returns in January.

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