annabeth gish 'Pretty Little Liars' casts 'Mystic Pizza' star Annabeth GishThe therapist is in on “Pretty Little Liars.”

PopWrap broke the news that “Mystic Pizza” and “Shag” (What up, Pudge?!) star Annabeth Gish will be joining ABC Family’s hit show when it returns for its second season in June. Gish will be playing Anne Sullivan, a therapist assigned to speak with each PLL due to all the Ian-related drama in the finale.

When we spoke with “PLL’s” executive producer Marlene King post-finale, she teased the therapist storyline and Anne’s role in the girls’ lives: “Their parents get together and force them
to see a therapist to deal with their issues about Alison and this
unhealthy obsession with Ian. The therapist is going to play a large
role in the summer season and the therapist is going to be someone they
think about being honest about ‘A’ with.”

Knowing “PLL,” we’re pretty sure Anne Sullivan will end up having some secrets of her own, so we’re thinking it’s not the smartest move for the girls to tell her about “A.” Silly little liars.

“Pretty Little Liars” returns for its second season on Tuesday, June 14, on ABC Family.

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