pretty little liars badass seed 'Pretty Little Liars': Cece Drake and 'The Badass Seed' call backOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” we delve a little deeper into Cece Drake’s relationship with Alison, and Red Coat scares the living daylights out of everyone.

A/Alison/Red Coat

Emily is staying at the DiLaurentis house, per Mrs. D’s invitation since a car came crashing through Em’s house. The girls see a chance for Emily to dig around, but really it’s just a chance for Red Coat to scare the pants off all of us viewers when Hanna comes to check on Emily. Seriously, did you jump a foot when “Alison” appeared in the mirror? Yikes.

But the Red Coat lurking about has to be Cece right? Who is apparently living under the DiLaurentis’ porch, which we all kind of knew from the last couple episodes.

Meanwhile, Aria finds out from a girl in Philly that Cece blames Alison and the “four other she-devils” for getting her kicked out of college when Alison pushed someone down the stairs at a frat party.

We knew that Alison got Cece kicked out of school and we knew the Liars were there at the frat party when a girl got pushed down the stairs (“The Badass Seed”), but the Liars all thought it was Ian at the time, right? Turns out it was Alison?

Mrs. D. also reveals via flashback that Cece once dressed up as Alison and came to Radley, demanding to stay there and making everyone think she was a danger to herself. Mrs. D ended up seeing Dr. Palmer when she went there, who agreed with her that Cece and Alison’s friendship was “toxic.” Mrs. D creepily describes it to the other girls as the two of them “wearing each other’s personalities.”



Meanwhile, Wren is seeing Mona for a psych eval and tells her that not only does he not think she killed Wilden, but he knows she’s off her meds. So, does this mean Mona is evil again? Veronica seems to think so, going so far as to threaten Mona (after Wren plants a seed that Mona may be after Spencer and the Liars again). Mona just looks bored — Veronica is like the buzzing of flies to her.

But someone calls in an anonymous tip to the police that Veronica bullied Mona into her confession and Veronica has to recuse herself as Ashley Marin’s lawyer. Did Mona do it? No, we are led to believe it was Wren. But to what end? Who is he working with?


Turns out Malcolm isn’t Ezra’s son and he’s upset about that, especially since Aria won’t take his phone call so he can cry about it and then hopefully get back together with her now that his pesky family isn’t in the picture anymore.

But Aria’s off having photographs and smoochies with Jake. Again, a storyline completely divorced of anything important on the show, except at least they gave Aria something A-related to do this week when she had to talk to Cece’s subleaser.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The whole DiLaurentis house stuff was incredibly creepy. Well done, show.
  • Mrs. D apparently always knew Emily was in love with Alison and wishes Alison had returned her feelings. Awww. Yay Mrs. D.
  • The hastag for Ezra’s big bombshell was #NotTheFather. Outstanding.
  • The A-tag at the end shows “A” planting Ashley’s muddy Manolos in Emily’s house, which is a move we haven’t quite figured out yet — is “A” going to make it look like Emily’s mom is helping Ashley by losing Wilden’s key and now hiding evidence? That’s our guess.

Oh, and did you catch the wayward small hand in the picture Emily picked up of young Alison? Lends some credence to the Alison-has-a-twin theory, right?

What did you think of “The Mirror Has Three Faces”?

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