pll dwts vid 'Pretty Little Liars'' Chuck Hittinger and Brendan Robinson talk Hanna, fake fighting and moreSo some of you “Pretty Little Liars” fans may have recently found yourselves asking, “Where have they been hiding Sean (Chuck Hittinger) and Lucas (Brendan Robinson)? They’ve been gone for awhile now.” Well, guess what? We have the answer — they’ve been drinking with Zap2it!

We caught up with Chuck and Brendan over drinks at The Spanish Kitchen in L.A. — Drinking With The Stars style — where we talked about many things, including fake-fighting, destroying memorials (Sorry, Alison — Lucas’ blunder!) and who is the best guy for Hanna.

But first, we had to find out what they think their respective characters have been up to off-screen (you know, besides developing crushes on possible lesbians). Brendan says Lucas is “pouting, probably. Brooding, planning his attack on the world. No, no, sorry. I meant like, taking over the world. That did not sound good.”

Chuck, however, thinks Sean has been up to something a little less evil laboring. “He definitely was working out at some point. He likes hitting the gym. He probably attended church,” he says. “I think he most likely was studying a lot. Let’s go out a little bit more, Sean! I think at this point he’s really concerned about his career, his future, his education.”

We also had Chuck and Brendan say why they think their character should be the guy for Hanna — debate club style! Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from their thrilling verbal stand-off:
Chuck: “Maybe they could have fun in ways that I can’t speak about on film right now.”

Brendan: “First of all, we all know that Lucas is strikingly handsome and sexy so that’s a plus.”

We told you: Thrilling! To hear more from the guys (and to see them show off their fake-fighting skills), watch the video below. Come on, you know you want to:

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