lucas-hanna-PLL.jpgOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” is Lucas a psycho killer? We aren’t so sure.

The girls immediately take A’s cell phone to Caleb, because he is the resident computer hacker guy. He starts tranfering the files, but A wipes the phone remotely before he can get much. What he does get is a picture of those disturbing dolls and Spencer figure out later it was taken in the attic of her lake house. Creepy.

Meanwhile, Emily is finishing her community service at a crisis hotline and someone who sounds a lot like the person who screwed up and lost A’s phone keeps calling. Emily and Spencer figure out it’s Lucas’ voice, but Hanna won’t believe them.

Until Lucas and Hanna are out in a rowboat setting up the fireworks for Caleb’s surprise birthday party and Lucas starts acting really weird. Before he can do anything, Hanna knocks him out and into the water. She then is capsized herself and swims to the shore, as the rowboat eerily floats back in after her.

And in the Montgomery household, Aria is on lockdown and forbidden to see Ezra ever again. Byron also goes to Ezra and tells him the same thing, wanting Ezra to admit it’s a mistake and that he’s never, ever, ever to see Aria again. Ella is a little more realistic, arguing that they can’t turn him into the police because that will ruin Aria’s life just as much as Ezra’s (and she’s right).

Luckily, the Montgomerys’ old friend is back in town who has a son, Holden, that is Aria’s age. And Aria gets the bright idea to pretend she’s seeing Holden so she can get out of the house.

Want some dish on the episode? Zap2it spoke with executive producer Marlene King.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • OK, so Lucas could possibly be a helper for A. But I don’t buy it. His crisis calls were way too vague. He was going to tell Hanna he loves her. Who’s with me?
  • Also, I don’t buy for a second that Lucas would call a crisis hotline. He’s way too introverted to that.
  • Mona and Noel sure looked suspicious, being all wet and all. Do you suppose they were out there futzing with Hanna’s boat and flipping her over? I’m not sure I buy that, but maybe.
  • What I buy more is that Garrett and Jenna were involved in the A operation. That one doesn’t actually seem like a red herring.
  • How much you wanna bet Aria will try to get Holden on board as her beard so she can secretly see Ezra?

What did you think of “A Hot Piece of ‘A'”, PLL fans?

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