spencer suicide pretty little liars dr sullivan 'Pretty Little Liars': Does Spencer get committed to Radley on purpose?Last week, ABC Family released a series of photos from “Pretty Little Liars” episode “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” which airs March 5. But now the episode description of the subsequent episode, “I’m Your Puppet,” has been released and it may shed some new light on the pictures of Spencer in Radley.

We were guessing that perhaps Spencer tried to commit suicide, as she spirals more and more out of control. There’s a bandage on her wrist and she appears to be talking to Dr. Sullivan in the sanitarium. But the “Puppet” description reads:

As “A” continues to play games, the stakes are raised higher as each girl is forced into difficult positions. Aria starts to seriously contemplate her relationship with Ezra as his new family situation continues to eat away at her. Hanna is thrown into the middle of Caleb’s family drama when Jamie’s shady past comes back to haunt him. Emily is determined to prove Spencer wrong in hopes of helping her, but she might not be ready for what she finds. In the end, will the Liars be able to get out of their sticky situations or will “A” have them right where he/she wants them?

Meanwhile, Spencer searches for answers about Mona’s time in Radley Sanitarium.

Spencer searches for answers, huh? She already knows Toby visited there — so we’ve got a new theory. Spencer pretends to attempt suicide to get into Radley, so she can investigate Mona and/or Toby.

What do you think, “Liars”? Season 3 is coming to an end faster than we thought. “I’m Your Puppet” is the penultimate episode of the season.

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