ian spen 'Pretty Little Liars' EP addresses finale theories: Did Toby save Spencer?It’s been over 72 hours since we’ve watched the “Pretty Little Liars” season finale and our jaws are still on the floor.

We got a few answers — yes, Ian is definitely a creep — but we also got new questions and mysteries piled right on top of them.

We had more than a few questions (and theories) prepared to accost   “PLL” executive producer I. Marlene King with when we chatted with her post-finale. And guess what? She was more than happy to answer some of our burning finale and Season 2 questions. Our most important question: Is Jenna really blind?! We had to know, people.  

OK, We have to start with the main question on everyone’s mind: Is Ian really dead?

You’ll have to watch the summer premiere. You will find out in the summer premiere if Ian is dead or alive.

So will Ryan  Merriman — in flashbacks or otherwise — be in Season 2 at all?

He may be.

We know someone in a black hoodie — possibly “A” — saved Spencer and pushed Ian? A lot of comments on our recent “PLL” posts seem to think it’s Toby.

I know, I saw those, too. I’m not going to tell you who it was. Ian definitely knew who that person was who pushed him.

Will we find out who it was in the premiere?

No. You’ll find out who the girls think it is… or the PLLs I should say.

During Ian’s fight with Spencer in the bell tower, we learned Ian didn’t know how Alison was killed. Are we to assume he actually didn’t kill her?

I wouldn’t  make that assumption. I would just kind of go back to that thought of the theme of Season 2 being there’s always more to the story. I think what we’re going to explore in Season 2 is there is more to what happened that night, there is more to what happened at the Kissing Rock with Alison and Ian; There’s more to that story.

A lot of fans are speculating that Melissa may have purposefully let her phone in the church, sending Spencer there so Ian could kill her.

That is not true. I’ll go out on a limb and say that is an incorrect theory. She would be like the meanest sister ever. I think Melissa legitimately did not know where Ian was that day.

Let’s talk about a shocking moment: Jenna and Officer Garrett… working together… and kissing. We have to say, we didn’t see that one coming.

That was the shocking kiss. That still gets me and I’ve seen the episode like 20 times. I just watched the east coast and west coast feed  when it aired on Monday night and just like that whole thing was just perfection, I thought. That was just such a juicy, delicious “PLL” moment because it was so unexpected.

We were a bit confused — were Ian and Jenna talking on the phone or were we seeing two different phone calls spliced together?

Those were two separate conversations. If you go back and watch it, Ian was talking to Melissa because Melissa tells Spencer, in the car when she picks her up at the church, she repeats what Ian said. Or at least she gives us the other half of the conversation.

Jenna said something that caught our interest to Garrett about the tapes — about it destroying everything for them. Have the girls not seen everything on the tape yet?

It’s possible that we have not seen all the tape, yes. There’s definitely more to Jenna and Garrett than you know.

OK, we have to ask: Is Jenna really blind?!

[Laughs] I always get that. I’m not going to answer that one because we’re having too much fun with it.

We love how Noel just randomly popped up at the end. We made up a game called “Whack-A-Noel” because you never know when he is going to pop back up in Rosewood.

You will see Noel in the summer premiere. So you can play “Whack-A-Noel” in the summer premiere!

girls church pll 'Pretty Little Liars' EP addresses finale theories: Did Toby save Spencer?You are too kind. Is it possible the girls think he is the one who saved Spencer and/or that he’s still ‘A’?

I think for the PLLs, after ‘A’ exposed Noel and he got suspended, in their minds Noel isn’t ‘A.’ But I think in Rosewood, suspects will dismissed and then sort of reinvented in this world. Like people we thought possibly were ‘A’ and then they decide they weren’t could then again possibly be “A.”

Lucas going to pick up Caleb and bringing him back to Rosewood was one of our favorite parts of the finale.

I loved some of the comments, too. People thought he was kidnapping Caleb. I’m like, ‘No, no, no, no, no!’ Someone had written, ‘Is he going to go take him somewhere, skin him and make a Caleb suit out of his skin?’ I was like, ‘No, no, no!’ That really was a kind gesture. A bromance is about to be formed between those two.

One theory is that they were in the other car involved in the crash with Spencer and Melissa.

That’s not true. When we saw those two, they were far, far from Rosewood.

We know Tyler Blackburn just booked a pilot, but he’ll be available to “PLL” up until July. Will Caleb be a major presence in Season 2? If so, is Hanna going to make him work for it?

Yes, he will, and yes, she is. She’s not going to roll over easily.

Jackie Molina made an appearance in the finale — much to the chagrin of “Ezria” fans. Was it always in the plan for Ezra to have a fiancee? Can we expect to see a love triangle next season?

Jackie Molina, oh my god. She’s the most hated person on Twitter right now! No. When we first started with Aria and Ezra, that wasn’t on our radar. Then as their story started to unfold, we wanted to give Ezra a secret. So we decided that was a pretty good secret for him.You can expect to see Jackie and… we’ll see where that one goes.

Ezra isn’t Aria’s teacher anymore, but he’s still older than her. Will that be an issue in Season 2?

Oddly enough, in the state of Pennsylvania, it’s only against the law for a 16 year-old to be with someone over 21 years-old if they’re a teacher. It’s a weird law, but once he goes to Hollis College, it’s not illegal anymore. I think the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 15, so it’s not going to be this big, black cloud looming over them. It’s actually part of the story that we want to start to play out, which is at what point and time would Aria tell her parents? More of that kind of drama as opposed to this is an illegal thing that we’re doing.

Were the books set in Pennsylvania or did you choose it for that reason?

No, that’s where the book series was set. That’s something we just sort of found out while doing our research.

spen toby pll 'Pretty Little Liars' EP addresses finale theories: Did Toby save Spencer?We saw Toby and Spencer were in a great place in the finale. What can we expect to see happen to that couple in Season 2?

Season 2 starts off with, definitely because of what we saw in the finale, the pretty little liars look like the biggest liars of all because they’ve made up this story it looks like to the media and the police about Ian because there’s no body. No body, no crime. So we come back and Spencer is still a person of interest and now the pretty little liars look like possibly accomplices in something she might have done.

 It’s going to be harder for Spencer to spend time with Toby because he also still has this black cloud over him as a suspect in Alison’s murder. When we come back, both sets of parents don’t want — the Cavanaughs don’t want Toby to see Spencer and Spencer’s parents don’t want her to see Toby. The two of them are going to have to find ways to spend time with each other so they really do become like their own little island.

Emily’s big storyline in the finale was that her family is moving to Texas. How is that going to play out in Season 2?

It’s going to be over the course of a few episodes. The Fields are definitely moving to Texas and Emily is going to have to find a way to stay if she doesn’t want to go. Of course, she doesn’t want to go and this ties into getting Emily a new secret. So if she wants to stay in Rosewood, she’s going to have to lie about something to her mother.

Finally, how would you compare Season 2 to Season 1?

I think Season 1 was very much about about who killed Alison and Season 2 starts off still very much about that but then we make a shift to ‘Who is ‘A’?'”

An interesting storyline that’s going to be in the first 12 episodes is when we come back in the premiere all the parents get together because it seems like the girls have this unhealthy obsession with trying to pin Alison’s murder on Ian. Their parents get together and force them to see a therapist to deal with their issues about Alison and this unhealthy obsession with Ian. The therapist is going to play a large role in the summer season and the therapist is going to be someone they think about being honest about ‘A’ with.

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