PLLs-caleb.jpg“Pretty Little Liars” took a bit of a swerve this week, making us all think perhaps Lucas is in on the “A” stuff. Executive producer Marlene King dishes with Zap2it about this new turn of events.

We don’t think Lucas is a psycho. Our theory is that he was going to tell Hanna he loves her. Poor Lucas.

“Yes, poor Lucas. I’m waiting for Poor Lucas to be a trending topic on Twitter,” says King. “He’s a great character, though, and Brendan [Robinson], who plays Lucas, is a great guy. He’s brought a lot to that character. He has some interesting material he’s bringing to the party for us. We’ve given him a lot of fun stuff to do in Season 2.”

Does that fun stuff include any romance?

“Romance is not going to be in his immediate future,” says King.

And what about the cell phone? Surely the creepy doll picture can’t be the only bit of information the Liars glean from the phone.

“[The cell phone] is definitely a treasure chest of information that they find little bits and pieces at a time,” teases King.

Excellent. Look for more dish on Ezria, Spoby (Tencer?) and Hanna’s impending new family later this week.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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