PLL-S2-finale-2.jpgThe “Pretty Little Liars” finale is just days away – when all of us will finally find out who the mysterious “A” is who has been tormenting the girls all this time. Executive producer Marlene King gives Zap2it a few juicy tidbits about the finale, which she says is “gonna be fun. It’s a ride, for sure.”

Is the “A” reveal the cliffhanger? Or do we find out before the final frames?

“You get to see that before the final frames. You know who A is definitely before the episode ends. There’s more that happens after you find out who A is … the audience and the girls find out together.”

You told us earlier this year that this year’s finale Hitchcock homage is for “Psycho.” How does that work? Is there a Norman Bates? A Marion Crane?

“There is a Norman bates. We love to pay our homage to the Hitchcock films and just the nature of how this story was starting to unfold really lent itself to a Bates Motel set piece, so we really took advantage of that.”

Earlier this week we spoke with producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan and she told us the finale is an ending and a beginning – can you elaborate on that?

“Once you see the episode, you’ll understand. We’re ending a story that has taken us two years to tell and simultaneously starting a new story that will hopefully take us several years to tell as well.”

Speaking of looking ahead, is there a time jump going into Season 3?

“We’re holding off on talking about that just yet. I can’t really answer that. I’d love to – the answer is fascinating. I can tell you the name of the episode. The name is ‘It Happened That Night.'”

One of our favorite storylines this year has been Spencer-Toby-Wren. Will that come to a head in the finale?

“You will find out that Toby has been a pretty little liar. It definitely ties into the Spencer/Toby relationship and the mystery as well.”

Will there be any repercussions from Ezra’s getting fired and him and Aria possibly sleeping together?

“It’s safe to say in the finale that a bold move is made by Ezra Fitz … but we don’t find it out in the finale [exactly why he was fired] and it really isn’t playing that heavily in Season 3.”

Did Byron rat him out to the Dean?

“He didn’t rat him out, but he gave the Dean enough information that he made [Ezra] not a valuable teacher at Hollis anymore.”

The “Pretty Little Liars” finale airs Monday night, March 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. For more information, be sure to check out ABC Family’s official PLL site.

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