aria ella pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' episode 5: Will Ella leave Byron? We hope so.“Reality Bites Me” lived up to its name and brought some harsh realities down on the “Pretty Little Liars” girls and their families.

First off, it’s nice that we got to meet Aria’s brother Michelangelo but it’s unfortunate that it’s because he’s suspicious of why his parents are fighting. Who was rooting for Ella to leave spineless, wimpy Byron? We were!

At the country club, we’re a fan of new boy Alex Santiago, played by Diego Boneta. A song by Diego will be featured in a future sexy scene with Spencer and Zap2it got the scoop!

But really the best part of the episode for us was Hanna’s reaction to the Maya-Emily kissing photo sent to her by A. When she (mistakenly) thought Maya made Emily a CD, her comments to Emily about appreciating that somebody cares for you no matter who they are and how she supports Emily were really great. Well done, Hanna!

Other thoughts & tidbits:

  • The A mystery wasn’t advanced enough for us in this episode — the fact that Jenna goes to a therapist really isn’t that interesting. We thought Mr. Fitz flew off the handle a bit when he found the text from A on Aria’s phone. The video was creepy (the call’s coming from inside the house!) but wasn’t sufficiently investigated, we thought.
  • Emily blowing off Toby in favor of her friends was kind of a witch move — boooo, Emily. She sort of made up for it at the end, but not entirely.
  • Spencer’s dad also gets a big thumbs down, but well done on standing up to him, Spence.

What do you think, Liars? Good episode? It wasn’t our favorite but we’re excited for next week.

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