bite your tongue pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars': Ezra Fitz's Board Shorts and boysenberry puts Spencer on the trailIn the wake of Spencer crashing Emily’s reunion with Alison, Spencer and Hanna stay on the Alison case, while the other “Pretty Little Liars” deal with their own issues. And Mona Vanderwaal and Mike Montgomery make out, you guys.


“We’re at a college bar, the Hart and the Huntsman. He likes to take me there but doesn’t call them dates,” writes Alison in her diary. But who was she meeting at the Hollis Bar? It appears to be Mr. Fitz, when Spencer goes to investigate, since he orders boysenberry pie and “Board Shorts Ale,” which is what the person in Alison’s diary ordered.

However, the “flashback” of Alison and Fitz canoodling at the bar is very clearly happening in Spencer’s imagination and not an actual flashback. She’s certainly putting the pieces together, but nothing is definitive yet.

The “A” tag has Tippi the bird calling someone “Board Shorts” as said someone shreds the dentist office records. We paused the DVR to read the records and the only name that jumped out at us was “C. Cavanaugh.”

Aria & Ezra & Mike & Mona

Mike and Mona are new BFFs all of a sudden because they’ve bonded in this counseling group for troubled teens at school, led by cute new guidance counselor Jesse (Wes Ramsey). Aria freaks out and makes it all about her (must be Tuesday), despite the fact that Mona’s absolutely right — the Liars totally threw Mona over after she helped get Hanna’s mom out of jail.

Meanwhile, Maggie is back in town, lending some credence to Ezra’s story about the lawyers (maybe he was yelling at blonde Maggie in the car last week). But just when you’re thinking maybe Ezra’s story checks out, he texts someone, “There’s been a setback, re: Alison” and has a closed-door meeting with Mona, plus there’s that whole possibly meeting and kissing Alison in a bar thing.


Emily’s being standoffish and jumping at shadows, so her dad volunteers her to co-direct the spring play with Mr. Fitz as a way to give her something to do with someone she seems to trust.

When she’s in the school late working on stuff for the play, someone starts terrorizing her with loud music over the speakers, slamming doors and making the school announcement sign read, “Act normal, b****.”

When a hooded figure comes to the door of the classroom Emily is in, she breaks a window and yells to her dad, who scales the drainpipe like a boss and rescues her. Except when they’re back on the ground, Mr. Fields collapses. It turns out he came back from the Army because he had to have some tests done on his heart. He says it’s just stress, but Emily is understandably scared.


Hanna is headed back to the dental office she used to work at because the crime novel cute Det. Holbrook (Sean Faris) gives her as he apologizes about her mom leads Hanna to think about dental records: specifically, someone had to switch the dental records so that the body found in the gazebo would match “Alison’s” records

After she does some snooping in the file room, Hanna gets back in the dentist chair and “A” (or one of the many minions) puts her under and implants a message in her tooth that reads, “I told you: Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking. A.” A message in her molar … seriously, what?


Spencer is consumed with all the mysteries in her life, so she approaches hottie academic decathlete Andrew for his drugs — he’s Mr. Activities plus Mr. Summa Cum Laude, so she wants his caffeine pills (or whatever it is kids these days are using instead of Jessie Spano’s drug of choice).

When Andrew gives them to her, he makes it known that if “the carpenter” is ever out of the picture, he’s available. Go with Andrew, Spencer! He seems way more interesting than Crying Toby!

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The show is certainly wrapping Mr. Fitz up in a nice little box as Alison’s mystery man and/or killer. We said it last summer and we’ll say it again — that really skeeves us out. The Aria/Ezra relationship is inappropriate enough but the show has always made such an effort to emphasize that it’s “true love” and not having them sleep together until she’s of age. If he was hooking up with, what, 15-year-old Alison? Gross, and it completely sours the entire Aria relationship. How does Ezria come back from that? They don’t.
  • Is it possible Ezra was innocently involved with Alison? That seems unlikely. But it’s also fairly unlikely that he was at the bar, at the dentist and at the school, so who is he working with? Just Mona? CeCe? Who else?
  • Aria confronting Maggie was pretty fun, they should have a showdown every week.
  • Nice to see Det. Holbrook again — were we imagining the flirty-flirty eyes he was giving Hanna?
  • Is the tooth-message a bridge too far for you in regards to the ridiculous things “A” does to these people? Because it is for us. What, “A” just knows how to perform minor dental surgery, hmm? C’mon now.

Best lines:

Emily: “Every rock you turn over gets picked up and hurled at Alison. You can pass that on to Spencer too.”

Spencer: “Please don’t send me away.”

What did you think of “Bite Your Tongue”?

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