pll girls 'Pretty Little Liars': Fans get to choose new character's nameAttention all “Pretty Little Liars” fans: A new boy is heading to Rosewood to stir up (what else?) some drama. Not much is known about the latest “PLL” addition, as it’s still in the early stages, but he will make his first appearance in the March 2011 finale. We would give you his name, but you haven’t voted on it yet.

Yes, that’s right. In conjunction with the People’s Choice Awards, the show is giving fans the chance to choose the sure-to-be-hottie’s name. Your choices? Logan, Dylan or Gabriel. We have to say, we are partial to two of the three choices. Logan is an iconic name in teen TV dramas (see: Logan Echolls on “Veronica Mars” and Logan Huntzberger on “Gilmore Girls”) and Dylan would surely work if the newbie is a quiet rebel a la “Beverly Hills, 90210’s” Dylan McKay. However, if Gabriel is the winner, the show can create an iconic character of their very own.

Something we did notice? All three names have an “A” in them. Could the elusive “A” turn out to be a guy? OK, probably not, but it was worth a try.

The choice is yours, fans! You can vote on the PCA website here and will find out if the name they chose won when the episode airs in March. Make sure to tune in when “PLL” returns on Monday, Jan. 3, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC Family.

Who do we think this mystery guy is and what is he doing in Rosewood, Zappers? Any casting suggestions? Sound off in the comments.

Posted by:tbricker