PLL-S2-finale-1.jpgThe “Pretty Little Liars” Season 2 finale aired Monday night (March 19) and for goodness’ sake, if you haven’t seen it yet – DO NOT KEEP READING.

So …. Mona is “A”! 

After going with Spencer to the Lost Woods Resort under the guise of being a friend, Mona is revealed to be “A” when Spencer finds “A’s” super creepy lair. On the way back to the dance, Mona reveals her big plan, telling Spencer she had to earn it – she has to be a part of it. Part of the “A” team, or she can disappear.

Mona says she was always one step ahead because they underestimated her – and the Liars deserve everything they get for stealing Hanna away. And when Mona drives Spencer to Lookout Point, there’s a struggle and Spencer sends Mona tumbling off a cliff (though she does try to save her).

In the end, Dr. Sullivan reappears – Mona threatened her son. And Mona’s not dead – but she does get locked up. And in her voiceover, Mona speaks of a “we” and has a visitor … in red.

So, clearly there’s still a tormentor out there – is it Alison or an evil twin, in a red coat like Vivian wore?

Also, is the Mona thing what the books did? We seem to recall we’d heard that (we confess to not reading the books because we didn’t want to know what might or might not happen).

What did you think of the big “A” reveal? Do you want to chat about the other finale developments? We put that in a separate post.
Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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