sasha pieterse pretty little liars halloween grave new world 'Pretty Little Liars' 'Grave New World': Alison is alive   'I want to come home'When we last left our intrepid “Pretty Little Liars,” Carla Grunwald, Ravenswood’s resident psychic, had revealed that she pulled Alison from the backyard grave and took her to the hospital — then Ali disappeared. Oh, and Ezra Fitz may or may not be “A.”

The Hunt for Alison

So, the PLL Halloween episode this year revolves almost entirely around the four girls running all over Ravenswood looking for Alison — a party, a crypt, tunnels and an old mansion. Honestly, it was a little long on running around and a little short on content for our taste.

However, the last few minutes definitely raised the stakes. Grunwald proclaims that one of the Liars (out of Spencer, Emily and Aria) has been touched by the one who Alison fears the most.

Now, Spencer had a rumble with Gas Mask in the mansion’s solarium, but let’s not forget that Aria was also touched by the woman in white. Was Aria also touched by the other guy in the gas mask uniform? And maybe Mrs. Grunwald means someone different altogether, someone not from the Halloween episode. And Spencer’s Gas Mask is not necessarily Ezra. There’s a lot of different ways this one could go.

In the final frames, the girls get dropped off back in Rosewood by Ezra (riding to the rescue in his car) and they think they see Alison run off into the woods. She turns around … and reveals herself to be alive. “I want to come home, but you have to help me,” she tells the girls.

And when Ezra steps out of the woods, Alison disappears.

The special was certainly beautiful to look at — beautiful sets, beautiful costumes, the atmosphere was great. There were also a couple good scares, most notably the phone ringing (that made us jump) and when Gas Mask choked a person who looked a whole lot like Alison. But overall, we found this Halloween episode a little lacking compared to the last two.

It certainly sets up a juicy storyline for the back half of Season 4. Was that really Alison? Or was it Alison’s twin, like the books put forth? Was that Alison and the body found was actually the twin? What does Ezra have to do with everything? (Because we still aren’t convinced he’s the “A” whose been puppetmastering everything.)

We can’t wait to find out.

Ravenswood Spins Off

Meanwhile, Miranda comes into Caleb adn Hanna’s lives, looking for her uncle in Ravenswood. She and Caleb find graves in the cemetery that have their names and pictures on them, prompting Hanna to give the go-ahead for Caleb to stay and help Miranda (though she doesn’t also get to see Caleb’s namesake grave).

Are you excited about “Ravenswood”? Read our recap here — plus an interesting theory we have about Miranda.

Best Lines:

Aria: “Are those fingers?”
Spencer: “They’re mushrooms. Aria, get a grip.”

Miranda: “Do you always dress like prom night on the Titanic?”

Spencer: “One of us knows how to change a tire, right?”
Emily: “Are you looking at me ’cause I’m gay?”
Aria: “No. You’re just the sporty one.”

What do you think, fans? Happy with the PLL Halloween episode? And is Alison alive?

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