mona guilty girls handbook pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' 'Guilty Girl's Handbook': Mona steps up ... in a big wayWe’ll confess to not seeing the ending to “Pretty Little Liars” latest episode coming at all. But we definitely are not surprised in the least.


Hanna has the spectacularly bad idea that she’s going to take the fall for her mom, claiming she actually killed Wilden in self-defense. And let’s be real — the only Liar who could remotely pull something like that off is Spencer.

After some excellent coaching from Mona — the only one who has actually lived in a lie — Hanna seems, well, still not ready. It seems like it’s going to backfire miserably, so thankfully Caleb is there to rein Hanna in.

Then awesomely, it’s Mona who walks sassily into the police station and confesses, providing the Liars with an enigmatic smile at the end. Mona rules all. Mona should be in every episode and the show should be retitled “Mona and Some Other Girls.”

Spencer/Toby/Red Coat

Mrs. Hastings has a very cute new intern named Beckett, who knows Spencer is a meddling snoop who stole one of the Wilden files they are going over to mount Ashley’s defense. But he’s not telling because he’s dreamy and also every 20-something man who ever comes into contact with Spencer falls madly in love with her right away.

The file Spencer steals is about the night Toby’s mom died, where the notes from interviewing Eddie Lamb indicate she fell from (or jumped from or was thrown off of) the roof of Radley, not the window in her room. But Wilden’s official report says it was the window. Did a blonde woman in a red coat pay him off to change his story?

We don’t think Veronica should be so quick to dismiss that — painting Wilden as a dirty cop should be part of the defense. But it’s kind of rendered a moot point once Mona confesses.


Life is hard for the Fields family right now, with Emily and Pam living in a hotel and Emily still worried about college. But what hurts the most is Pam realizing her (only) baby is leaving the nest soon. That was pretty heartbreaking to watch, kudos to Nia Peeples.

And hey, Rumer Willis, nice to see you! Hope Emily really does go work with Zoe in Nicaragua next summer.


And in Aria Land, Mike’s having some trouble with his teammates and she’s reconnecting with karate boyfriend Jake. The most interesting things that happen for her this week are her ’80s-music-video-heroine outfits.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • No Toby this week. He’s off investigating the number Nigel Wright dialed the night of the fire, which coincides with three addresses in New York.
  • The only thing making up for Aria’s atrocious ensembles this week is Spencer’s Lannister Prep outfit. Killer.
  • Zoe’s line of “Where ya been, Joe DiMaggio?” really should have been “Where ya gone, Joe DiMaggio?” Missed the boat on that one.
  • Want to know who’s in the lake in the previews for next week? We know who it is.

What did you think of “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”?

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