pretty little liars holiday gift guide 'Pretty Little Liars' holiday gift guide: Fashion, jewelry and moreHoliday shopping season is upon us and if you’re like us, you are always looking for fun suggestions for loved ones. For the special “Pretty Little Liars” fan in your life, here are some recommendations from Zap2it.

Gifts under $50:

Book box sets (various prices under $50): You’d be surprised how many “PLL” fans haven’t read the books. It certainly isn’t a requirement for enjoying the show. But perhaps your favorite Liar would enjoy seeing how the books both converge and diverge from the series (pictured above).

A “PLL” onesie ($16): Not all “Pretty Little Liars” fans are teenage girls, you know. For the new parent who is also a fan of the show, there are a plethora of baby clothes. Is your baby Team Hanna? Team Spencer?

Hanna’s newspaper print fashion tank ($16.80): Remember how awesome Hanna was facing off with Lt. Tanner in Season 4 episode “Face Time”? Now you can wear her chic tank top — dress it up with a skirt, dress it down with some jeans.

pretty little liars friendship bracelet gift guide 'Pretty Little Liars' holiday gift guide: Fashion, jewelry and moreOriginal PLL friendship bracelets ($36): These are the real deal. You can order one with your favorite Liar’s name on it, or you can get it customized with your own name. There are also a variety of colors available.

“LIARS” t-shirt ($14.99):
There are a lot of PLL-inspired t-shirts out there, but this is our
favorite so far. It spells out “LIARS” using each girl’s name and has a
red puzzle piece. A lot of fun (pictured above).

Gifts under $100:

The “A” Team bucket bag ($71.99): As much as we all like rooting for Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily, let’s be honest — we all secretly want to be part of the “A” Team. And we definitely all need this cute tote bag in which to carry our nefarious tools.

Spencer’s plaid blazer ($51.99): Want to rock the Academic Decathlon look like Spencer? Check out this plaid blazer at Macy’s. It’s an exact match to the one she wore in Season 4 episode “The Mirror Has Three Faces.”

Emily’s throwback #79 jersey t-shirt ($65): Emily is the sporty one, after all, so emulate your favorite Little Liar with one of her cutest sporty looks, from the Season 4 episode “Crash and Burn, Girl.”

Silver spider pendant ($58): As seen on Aria in the Season 2 episode “A Hot Piece of ‘A’,” this pendant is sure to spice up any look. Gorgeous (pictured above).

pretty little liars trench gift guide 'Pretty Little Liars' holiday gift guide: Fashion, jewelry and moreGifts over $100:

Aria’s Anthropologie trench coat ($299.99): Aria is known for her eclectic taste in clothes on “Liars” and if you’ve got a cool 300 dollars, the petite PLL fan in your life would probably die over this lace-back, flower-print trench coat from the Season 2 episode “Let the Water Hold Me Down.”

Mini-buttons to hand out ($250): 100 mini-buttons that read “Aria&Hanna&Spencer&Emily” on them can be yours for only $2.50 per button. Would make great party favors, if you’re throwing a massive PLL party.

Lapis pendant and layer piece ($380): This jewelry piece was sent to the costume designer for “Pretty Little Liars” for possible use in the upcoming season, so you can actually get your favorite Liar out in front of the trend. Fancy.

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