ian harding fan questions pll 'Pretty Little Liars' Ian Harding: 'Liars' is a 'really fun wave to be on'On Zap2it‘s set visit to Rosewood, we had a chance to sit down with “Pretty Little Liars” heartthrob Ian Harding, the scandalous Mr. Ezra Fitz on the show. We had a few fan questions for him — you can see the other “Liars” stars Lucy, Shay, Troian and Ashley answer them here. We’ll be heading back to Rosewood Thursday (Oct. 21), so leave any burning questions you have in the comments.

On his favorite episode:

“Oh, wow,” he muses. “I loved filming, I forget the actual episode number, but I remember one where Lucy and I were just filming constantly in my apartment. We had our first big fight. And I got to go after one of the students for kind of ‘hating’ on Aria … I think that’s probably my favorite. I mean, every single episode I loved filming, it’s always a blast.”

On how his life has changed since being on “Pretty Little Liars”:

“It’s been interesting. I have been recognized in various places. I was actually in Europe during the hiatus and — I’m not used to it, I don’t expect people to notice me because it’s mainly about the girls. I’m not the one covered in dirt on a billboard every 10 feet — but I went to London and Paris and Florence, all completely different countries, different cities, different languages, and I got stopped in every city.”

“And not just by teenage females, but some Canadian tourists, like a couple stopped me. And there were several guys who came up to me and were like, ‘Hey man, that’s a good show.’ That was more eye-opening. For the most part, it’s made me concentrate on what I’d like to do more of and spending time with friends and family … Right now I’m just riding a wave that’s a really fun wave to be on.”

Also be sure to watch Ian talking about the new character Simone and what she means for him and Aria when “Liars” returns. “Pretty Little Liars” will debut Monday, Jan. 3 on ACB Family.

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