carla grunwald pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' introduces 'Ravenswood' in 'Under the Gun'On the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” the spin-off location of Ravenswood is introduced — and it’s just as creepy as we were expecting.


Spencer and Toby track Carla Grunwald, the sorority housemother that Alison was calling in her secret torture room, to Ravenswood, the town that apparently both time and color forgot. There’s a Scooby Doo-villain caretaker at the Grunwald address, but no Carla — instead, she’s getting her hair done.

She also claims to have no idea who Alison is, just in time for the noon whistle to blow signaling that everyone is on break from the mine. Or, in this town, the noon creepy song signaling that everyone should shamble like zombies to the graveyard and gather ’round the angel statue.

Shana’s there paying homage and after she’s given up her animal sacrifice or whatever it is they’re doing, she speeds away in Jenna’s mustang. Spoby would’ve given chase, except they are stopped cold by a dead bird landing on the windshield. Which is pretty weak — normal Spencer wouldn’t been felled by a dead raven.

In other “A” news, when Emily tries to help Hanna’s mom by giving the police the dashcam footage (thereby adding Jenna and Shana to the suspect list), “A” replaces said footage with video of Red Coat in an Emily mask holding up a sign that reads “Guilty.” Later, “A” hot-wires a car because “A” is nothing if not crafty.


For not the first (or even the tenth time on this show), Aria’s off in her own little Aria world having Aria problems — namely, she helps her brother’s lacrosse teammate with his English essay and when she rebuffs his advances, he spreads locker room talk about her and calls her a slut for doing Mr. Fitz.

Initially Mike believes this Connor tool, but eventually realizes that just because Aria was doing one teacher doesn’t mean she’s doing every guy who looks at her sideways, so he smashes up Connor’s car in retribution. Welcome back, juvenile delinquent Mike.


Shana is Single White Femaling Emily, only she’s the violin-playing Emily 2.0.


Hanna’s mom is arrested for Wilden’s murder, after the ballistics test on the gun match it as the murder weapon. Ashley tells Tom and Hanna that Wilden was blackmailing her and she took the gun for protection, then he got the gun away from her and she ran. “A” planted the gun back at the Marin household, but only Hanna believes her mom. Not even Tom believes she didn’t kill him.


Our LIT (liar in training) spills on Toby the RV-stealer to Aria and Emily, but Spencer won’t tell them why he did it. Other than that, Mona doesn’t really do anything. But we’re just glad she’s back — any Mona is better than no Mona.


Other than the Ravenswood stuff, Spence isn’t up to much — except demonstrating some great self-awareness about how ridiculous she was on the Cicero College visit and apologizing to Emily.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Aria doesn’t know what ballistics are? In the day and age of “CSI”? Maybe her Aria problems have kept her away from TV for pretty much ever.
  • Love it how during Hanna’s big father-daughter moment, dad takes a swig of whiskey. Those Marins, they do love their alcohol.
  • What did you think of Ravenswood? Obviously the town was going to be creepy, but we hope it’s not so supernatural that it’s hard to shift from PLL to Ravenswood. We want to like them both.
  • What did we learn this week? Not much, really. Other than the Ravenswood intro, it was kind of a filler episode, no? But next week looks action-packed.

What did you think of “Under the Gun”?

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