toby cavanaugh pretty little liars 320 'Pretty Little Liars': Is Toby Cavanaugh dead?Is Toby Cavanaugh the person who dropped the Rosewood population by one on “Pretty Little Liars”? “The Homecoming Hangover” left us with a pretty good cliffhanger — but before it got to the dramatic ending, there were a few other tidbits along the way.

First of all, we could not love Hanna more. Her supportive nature with Emily about the Maya situation is just outstanding. What a good role model for teens. “We love Emily, who cares who you’re with?” Hanna rules.

Speaking of Hanna, we also love new guy Lucas (Brendan Robinson, who we will be interviewing on July 22, so post questions for him in the comments). We really hope Hanna kisses him at some point — just because his poor puppy dog eyes when he looks at her are almost too much to take.

We were excited to see the sexy salsa scene between Alex and Spencer that Diego Boneta teased several weeks ago. They make a cute couple — Wren who?

The Montgomery family stuff was the only down storyline this week. Just not as exciting as normal — we miss Ezra!

But the good stuff was all Jenna and Toby Cavanaugh. Jenna got her creepy on this episode, coming after Emily to threaten her about Toby’s file. And do you think Toby’s really truly dead? We aren’t sure.

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